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Frame Sizes for women

  The eyeglasses come in a variety of frame sizes. Women can choose from a range of small, medium and large frame sizes depending on the shape and size of their faces. It is extremely important for the buyer to know the shape as well as size of her face when looking to buy a pair of eyeglasses. Face shapes common amongst women:
  • Square shape face: Women with this face are blessed with strong jaw-lines and broader foreheads. With such sharp features, it is recommended that one should opt for eyeglasses with curved boundaries. Aviators, round and cat-eye frames are the perfect choices.
  • Heart shape face: The forehead continues to remain broad while the face tapers towards the chin making the jaw line narrower. Other than the regular shapes like aviators, round and oval, women can also give wayfarers a shot.
  • Circular shape face: The face is round and you can give it a defining frame with rectangular frames. Wayfarers and other square or rectangular shaped frames suit such faces the best.

Frame Sizes

The frames of your eyeglasses are mostly measured in millimetres. In order to pick the right size for yourself, you can measure your face using the following dimensions:
  • Bridge size: The distance between the two lenses is the size of the bridge which rests on your nose. You can measure the same by using a ruler and keeping its millimetre side towards your eyes. Find out the distance between your eyebrows to get an idea of the bridge size suitable for your eyes.
  • Lens size: The diameter or width of the lens is of equal importance. You can measure the same by using the ruler and noting down the distance between your nose and outer corner of the eye.
  • Temple length: The length of the arms of the frame is also measured in millimetres. All these dimensions are mentioned on the inner side of the arm of the eyeglasses.

Measurements of the Face

All you need to do is hold the ruler in front of your face and note down the dimensions according to the three sizes mentioned above. This will help you pick the right size of chasma frame. Women’s spectacles frames come in all shapes and sizes to provide you with the perfect specs suitable for one’s face.