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Eyeglasses for All Age Groups
For better vision and eye comfort, using eyeglasses is the most popular solution among people of all age groups. Unlike sunglasses, eyeglasses are used by a larger number of people and for more hours. Therefore, a perfect fit, comfortable design and a classy look are offered today through the widest variety of shapes, sizes and patterns of eyeglasses. The selection can be made on the basis of the age group to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Different Age Groups

Majority of eyeglasses users fall under the below-mentioned categories:
1) Adults - Those who are well aware of the fact that a perfect pair of eyeglasses is a blend of elegance, ease and durability. They understand that their eyeglasses will go a long way in enhancing their facial features and creating a striking first impression. There is a whole world of different types, sizes and designs of eyeglasses available for people from this age group to explore. 
2) Kids - For many under this age group, it might be the first experience with eyeglasses, making it all the more special for them. Kids have their own tastes, preferences and choices when it comes to selecting the right type of eyeglasses. While strength and durability are among the prime features influencing the demand, the look and the style are equally important. A great variety of specially crafted eyeglasses in bright colours and attractive shapes is available to be explored. 

Eyeglasses Styles for Adults:

  1. Rectangle, square and oval - These are the most commonly used and preferred shapes of eyeglasses chosen by women from all age groups. These shapes seamlessly blend with maximum types of face shapes and sizes. 
  2. Wayfarer - It is an apt choice of the bold and confident women who are ready to face the world. It is most suited for women falling in the age group of 18 to 40 - this design precisely accentuates the sophistication and exclusivity in the user’s personality. 
  3. Aviator - This classic design is an all-time favourite of women above the age of 40 who are determined, proficient and great achievers in life.
  4. Cat-eye -These relate more to the young, creative and passionate women who love to experiment with life, shedding away all the doubts and fears behind and striding ahead to rule the world and alter beliefs.
The Right Shape for Your Face:
It is vital that the eyeglasses you wish to wear must compliment your face and personality, besides being suitably comfortable. A misfit may raise doubts about your taste and fashion sense. Some of the styles that might go well with your face shapes are recommended below:
  1. Square - Square faces have a broad forehead and a strong jawline. The eyeglasses shapes that best suit this type are round, oval, aviator and cat-eye.
  2. Round - Styles that suit this shape are wayfarer and rectangle.
  3. Oval - The most suitable styles for this face shape are wayfarer, aviator and oval.
The right choice of eyeglasses will make you look more poised and appealing. It is wiser to keep these points in mind to make a promising selection for yourself.