To make your shopping experience seamless, here are a few quick notes to help you decide and
choose the best product for yourself!
Q) What type of lenses are available at Lenskart?
At Lenskart, we care for your eyes. We offer only the best quality eyeglasses with your choice of frames.
All our frames are fitted with "Plastic or Polycarbonate lenses". 
These lenses are extremely durable and long-lasting. These do not break easily and are last longer than the usual glass lenses.
Q) What if the frame doesn’t fit me?
No problem! Lenskart offers its customers a no questions asked return policy, wherein if you are not
satisfied with the product, we will take the product back from you and give you a full refund. However, if it’s a small adjustment, you may want to do that yourself to avoid delay in using your eyeglasses. We’ve sent you a screwdriver with your eyeglasses; you may use that for adjusting your spectacles as you like. Please refer to the below link for a detailed guidance:
Q) What the various frame materials offered by Lenskart?
Half-Rim frames: Plastic frames, TR Frames, Acetate sheets
Rimless frames: Titanium, Alloy, Metal
Full frames: Plastic fiber, Titanium, Alloy, Metal
Titanium: It never corrodes and is extremely skin-friendly. It will never cause any skin allergy. It
is a long-lasting and an extremely durable material. Titanium is very light in weight too.
Alloy: A long-lasting, durable and light-weight frame material that is corrosion-resistant. 
Q) What is the guarantee of product quality?

All our frames come with atleast 6 Month manufacturing warranty. So, if there is any issue with the product, we
will be more than happy to replace it for you. (Please refer to the T&C section for detailed information)
Quick Tips for your Eyewear care:
♣ Wash your eyewear regularly with RO/mineral water
♣ Always keep the eyewear in the specified case when not in use
♣ Ensure that you use both hands while wearing and removing the eyewear from your face
♣ Always use a soft cloth to wipe your eyewear.