Understanding your prescription

Note on Base Curve /Dia -
Base Curve is a number between 8 to 9. Most of your contact lenses do not need to know this information, since they have a fixed BC/Dia. This can be found on the product page “Technical Information” section. However, if a contact lens requires this information, please check your prescription for the section – B.C.  


There are 3 Types of Powers

Power Type


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Type 1: Spherical (SPH) Only Power   (REGULAR CONTACT LENSES)

60% people have only spherical (SPH) power with no Cylinder (CYL) and Axis (AXIS)


Note: If you do not have a CYLINDRICAL POWER, you need to go for NON-TORIC LENSES. All lenses that are not Toric are regular lenses.

Type 2: Spherical with Cylinder (CYL) Power   (TORIC CONTACT LENSES)

30% people also have a CYL power. Cylinder is an angular defect and it is prescribed with two variables – CYL and AXIS. If you have a CYL, you will have an AXIS, else none.




Note: If you have a CYLINDRICAL POWER, you need to go for TORIC LENSES. You can see all Toric Lenses by clicking here.

If you are a first time user and have your specs power, you need to convert your specs power to a Toric Power for contact lenses by using this convertor tool – this is the power you will enter for your toric lenses.

Description: toric contact lens prescription


Note: If you have a CYLINDRICAL POWER, you need to go for TORIC LENSES

Type 3: Bifocal / Progressive Power

This is for people who have both distance and near vision problem. 10% of people have this. And only if you want both powers in one specs, you need to go for this option. This power has a new variable “ADD” (Additional Power) which specifies the near spherical power.

We recommend that you go for either distance or near power in contact lenses. In case you want a contact lens for near vision, you can go for for any lens with PLUS power option. Else, you have to go for a regular or a toric lens depending on your distance power. If distance power has a cylinder, you need to go for a toric lens.


Description: Multifocal Contact Lenses