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Know the time-turning stories of how these top international brands came into being. Explore their exclusive line of eyewear handpicked for your glamourous eyes!
Ray-Ban Eye

A seven-and-a-half decade old name that created ripples in the eyewear industry, Ray-Ban needs no introduction! From the aviator styles of 1937 to eyewear in-line with latest trends, it has been instrumental in influencing the evolution of art, fashion, music and culture. Ray-Ban prescription glasses were launched in the beginning of the 21th century with intricate craftsmanship keeping in mind the timeless brand image and latest fashion. Today, Ray-Ban eyeglasses have become a synonym of revolution and not just a transient trend.

Oakley Eye

One of the most popular eyewear brands, Oakley is also a renowned name for developing sports gear around the world. Founded by Jim Jannard in 1975 in a garage, Oakley, today, has a diverse range of high-end branded eyewear products ranging ski goggles to stylish prescription glasses. In addition to their famous sunglasses, Oakley also offers ophthalmic-specific frames and corrective sun lenses.

Vogue Eye

An internationally appealing, contemporary fashion brand, Vogue was launched as a famous fashion magazine in 1973. By the beginning of the year 1990, Luxottica acquired Vogue Eyewear which offered a wide assortment of local collections for the emerging global market along with stylish eyewear trends for fashion-forward people with high taste and needs. Draped with linear perfection, Vogue adds a fresh touch to your youthful exuberance and provides a luxurious eyewear experience to your eyes.

Carrera Eye

Carrera’s first iconic prescription frames were launched in the year 1981. Since then, Carrera has come a long way in creating light-weight, stylish eyeglasses which complement the eyes of every fashion connoisseur around the globe. Made with stainless steel material, these deliver a high-quality, long-lasting spectacle experience to the wearer. Its international appeal is an add-on to the features of these multifaceted eyeglasses.

CK Eye

Launched in 1968, Calvin Klein was an eponymous label which revolutionized the eyewear industry with its American-inspired designs and sporty eye gears. It emerged to become one of the favourite global eyewear brands renowned for its impeccable clean lines and architectural detailing. A cultural catalyst across the globe, CK showcases minimalistic frame patterns influenced with modern aesthetics in a range of styles, from bold to cat-eyes to classic regular shapes with striking edges.


French Connection popularly known as FCUK, showcases an enviable range of trendy eyewear. These top-notch eyewear designs offer a chic look with a melange of fun and flirty. FCUK eyeglasses are truly an epitome of sheer grace and sophistication. Uber-chic, highly-functional and comfortable, these are draped with appealing colours keeping in mind the latest trends and fashionable edge of today’s youth.