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Small Size Sunglasses

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Sunglasses in small sizes

Many a times, stylish stuff comes in smaller sizes! It depends on the face shape, but as seen with many, small-sized sunglasses are a safer option. Lenskart brings to you small-sized stylish sunglasses from different premium brands on one platform. All you need is to pick the style that suits you. Sunglasses from many popular brands in the world come to you together at Lenskart.

Small sunglasses with great features

This category of small-sized sunglasses on Lenskart offers some of the best in class shades from trusted eyewear brands. Various features of these sunglasses are as follows:-

  • Best shades offered by best brands
  • Myriad of designs to choose from
  • Best in class shades suitable for all face types
  • Varied bold and classic colours.

Buying your favorite sunglasses from Lenskart

If you want to turn heads with your stunning looks, then you must go for sunglasses in the small-sized category on Lenskart. Sunglasses from this category will definitely be a versatile addition to your accessory collection. So what are you waiting for? Make the best use of discounts to get your favourite pair on Lenskart.com!

Sunglasses with small frame sizes

Sunglasses are available in three different frame sizes : small, medium and large, and these are intended for different face sizes. The frame sizes of sunglasses are determined according to :

    • Eye Size : It is the width of a lens that is measured horizontally. Small sunglasses frames have eye sizes of 40 mm and above.


    • Bridge size : It is the distance between the two lenses of the sunglasses. For small sunglasses, the bridge size is 14 mm and above.


  • Temple Size : It is the distance measured in a straight line from the end-points to the temple tips of the frames. Sunglasses with small frame sizes have temple sizes starting from 120 mm in length.

Small frames on goggles are intended for face shapes that are narrower. Face sizes can be measured in front of a mirror by holding a ruler horizontally across the face. One can then calculate the distance between the right and left edges of the face where the temple arms sit. The distance is measured in inches. Small frames suit face sizes that are 4.5 inches wide.

Best sunglasses shapes with small frame sizes

    • Wayfarer Shades : These shades come in all the three frame sizes. Wayfarer sunglasses with small frames suit many face shapes. They look better on faces that are less than 4.5 inches wide. Small wayfarer sunglasses frames have 48 mm to 50 mm of eye size, 22 mm of bridge size and 138 mm to 150 mm of temple size.


    • Round Goggles : Round shades with small frame sizes add their own retro aesthetic. Narrower and longer face shapes can easily carry small round shades. Small round sunglasses are available in 50 mm of eye size, 20 mm of bridge size and 128 mm to 149 mm of temple size.


  • Cat-eye Sunglasses : Cat-eye sunglasses with small frames go with triangle-shaped faces. These small shades have a modern appeal and they look sleek. Small cat-eye goggles are available in 49 mm to 50 mm eye size, 13 mm to 21 mm bridge size and 135 mm to 145 mm temple size.

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