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Medium Size Sunglasses

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Intermediate size for perfect fit

Size of sunglasses plays an important role to ensure comfortable fit. It also decides the look of sunglasses on your face. Just like shoe size or clothing size, sunglasses need to be in the perfect size to get that perfect look.

Lenskart introduces its category of ‘medium sized sunglasses’ with the aim of providing something that will fit well on all face types. They are chosen from premium brands to fulfill your dream of flaunting stylish eyewear for all occasions.

Features of medium sized sunglasses

Your sunglasses are the index of your style and confidence. The better they better, the better they look! The range of medium-sized sunglasses on Lenskart provides the best in terms of designs. The features of sunglasses under medium size category are:-

  • Varied designs of shades are available like round, aviators, cat-eye, etc.
  • Bold and sophisticated colours
  • Various frames of different materials like stainless steel, polycarbonate, etc. are available
  • Some frames also contain polarized glasses to minimize the glare effect.

Buying medium sized stylish sunglasses from Lenskart

The shades available under medium-size range on Lenskart are the best chosen designs from different eyewear brands. Featuring sophisticated designs with modern looks, these medium sized shades are suitable for people from all walks of life. Lenskart also provides discounts and exciting offers to make these sunglasses available at affordable prices. 

Sunglasses with medium frame sizes

For different face sizes, there are three frame sizes of sunglasses : small, medium and large. The frame sizes can be determined by calculating the following -

    • Eye Size : The width of a lens, measured horizontally, determines the eye size. Medium sunglasses frames have an eye size of 50 mm to 59 mm.


    • Bridge Size : The distance between the two lenses of the shades determines the bridge size. For medium-sized shades, the bridge sizes range from 14 mm to 20 mm.


  • Temple Size : The distance from the end-points to the temple tips, measured in a straight line, determines the temple size. The temple size of medium-sized frames range from 130 mm to 145 mm.

Medium-sized sunglasses frames are ideal for face sizes that are 4.5 inches to 5.75 inches wide. To determine one's face size, one can hold a ruler horizontally across the face and measure the distance from the right to left edges where the temples rest.

Best sunglasses shapes with medium-frame sizes

    • Wayfarer Shades : These goggles are available in medium-sized frames that suit almost any face shape. Medium-sized wayfarer sunglasses are versatile and have 51 mm to 54 mm of eye size, 18 mm to 20 mm of bridge size and 140 mm to 145 mm of temple size.


    • Aviator Shades : The medium-sized aviator shades are the most commonly worn. These stylish sunglasses are available in 58 mm to 59 mm of eye size, 13 mm to 18 mm of bridge size and 140 mm to 145 mm of temple size.


  • Round Goggles : Round sunglasses that are medium-sized instantaneously exude a cool vintage appeal and are best for longer and rectangular face shapes. These retro goggles have 50 mm to 62 mm of eye size, 14 mm to 21 mm of bridge size and 145 mm to 150 mm of temple size.

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