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Classically chic with Cat eye sunglasses

You saw Audrey Hepburn sporting them in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and now you see celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and likes flaunting with panache. They are the ubiquitous cat’s eye sunglasses! These sexy feline shades have made a comeback in fashion circles in new and classier avatars!

Will they suit me?

Cat eye sunglasses suit most facial shapes and sizes. Back in the 50’s and 60’s cat’s eye sunglasses were thin, angular, and exaggerated but now you have a host of different variety of these stylish sunglasses for ladies. Every well-known accessories brand has taken out its own version of these classic shades for women and you can definitely find one to suit your requirement.

What to wear them with?

These versatile sunglasses can be teamed up with both casual and formal looks. They will look as good with your business suit as with your cigarette pants and top. Remember not to go overboard with accessorizing while sporting a pair of cat’s eye sunnies as that might give you an over-the-top look.

Shop online for cat’s eye sunglasses

You can find cat’s eye shades in India in retail outlets across major cities. For the latest collection of these glam sunglasses of premium brands, check out Lenskart. Pick a pair of these ultra-glamorous sunglasses within an affordable price range starting from INR 399 to INR 5,300, and pay a fun and flirty homage to the 1950’s!

Feminine in a naughty way

Cat eye sunglasses are quite popular amongst women who love to follow the retro style with a modern twist. Exude an elegant and sophisticated look with cat-eye sunglasses at Lenskart. Lenskart.com brings together a wide range of cat-eye sunglasses for women from various renowned brands. Find the shades that flatter your face and your personal taste!

Sunglasses Frames

Women and Men’s Cat eye Sunglasses

Any conversation on women’s sunglasses cannot be concluded without talking about cat-eye frames. The most popular frame type among women, cat eye saw its inception during 1950s and became incredibly popular by 1960s. The distinctive upsweep at the edges of the frame is the main characteristic feature of this frame type. Starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn have made a huge contribution in making cat eyes the most loved frame type for women.

Primarily worn by women, cat eyes are also fancied by men though not as extensively as by the opposite gender. Fashion trends come and go and then they make a comeback again, but this frame style is perhaps the only one which never went out of style. These have been in the heart and mind of people since the very beginning.

Cat eyes are both classic and chic. They adorn each type of ensemble gracefully. And for women, it has become an easy avenue to high-end fashion with best couturiers suggesting sporting cat eye frames whenever in doubt. This frame type can never go wrong. Period.

Which face shape goes well with cat eyed sunglasses?

Cat eye sunglasses shades are one and only frame style that complements each face shape flawlessly. Being the ladies’ love, the understated built of this frame type makes it look good on all face shapes. But with so many variations now available in this frame type such as mirrored or gradient cat eye contour, which one would look the best on you is a matter of concern.

1. Round face – As the name suggests, this face shape is soft and curvy, devoid of angular points. Sun glasses shades with defined angles and distinguishing edges would take some attention off the smoothed face. Hence, cat eye serves as a great option for people with round face. Prominently oblique cat eye silhouette, maybe with a thick brow line, would look great on such a face shape.

2. Heart shaped face - Wider forehead and narrow chin is the emblematic feature of a heart-shaped face. Frames that are wider than the forehead and pointed at the edges fill serve best with this face shape. Cat eye with its sharp upswept makes a good frame option for this face shape.

3. Oval face – This is one single face shape which looks good with anything, really anything. Having balanced features, this is the most adaptive face shape. So, if cat eye silhouette is on your wish list, no need to think twice.

4. Square face – This face shape has well-marked angles and jawline which demand glasses that grant some softness to this prominently sharp face. The archetypal retro cat eyes will definitely charm a square face. A more rounded cat eye silhouette will make an even better frame option for this face shape.

Suitable Face Shape for Cat Eye SunGlasses

During earlier days, people wore sunglasses for practical purposes only, with an aim to keep their eyes safe from the sun. Gradually, by the 1930s, they had become a must-have fashion accessory and have remained so till date.

The very first step towards finding the right pair of sunglasses is to know what your face shape exactly is. Every face, with its unique lines and angles, has its own specific structure. You can cleverly choose sunglasses from the various shapes, sizes and colours available today that perfectly complement your face structure by highlighting its key features and hiding the flaws.

Here's a surprising fact! The trick to picking the right sunglass is to not select the one that strongly complements your face shape, but is actually the opposite of its shape. For instance, round frames do not accentuate a round face's features, while they perfectly compliment square faces. No matter what the face shape - oval, oblong, heart-shaped, square or rectangular - a well-chosen pair of sunglass can magically transform your look.

Here are a few tips to consider while choosing sunglasses that work best for your face shape:

  • The sunglass should enhance your best features.
  • The frame shape should contrast with your face shape.
  • The frame size should be appropriate to your face size - neither oversized nor too small.
  • Faces are a combination of shapes and angles, and there are seven basic face shapes: round, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond and square.

    Cat-eye sunglasses are at the top of the fashion game these days. They are defined by an upsweep at the outer edges where the temples join the frame front, which adds a unique edge to the sunglasses. They were a massive rage during the 1950s-60s among the fashionistas of that era. Although cat-eyes have remained popular for a long time, they have made a 360 degree comeback now and are leading the style bandwagon yet again.

    The immortal cat-eye sunglasses come in a number of styles - from round to oblong, to slightly square - and are available in varied colours and textures. Cat-eye sunglasses add a dash of glamour to the face shape types that are able to pull them off effortlessly.

  • Oval Faces
  • Oval-shaped faces can pull off any style of sunglasses. Therefore, cat-eye frames are a natural fit for such face types. The frame is wide and rectangular, perfectly complementing an oval face. However, it is essential to know the proportions. In general, cat-eye sunglasses with a thicker frame and smaller size are the definite winners for an oval face.

  • Oblong Faces
  • An oblong face is longer, with lesser width, a straight cheek line and a longish nose sometimes. Cat-eye frames make an oblong face seem shorter and wider. The curvy design of these sunglasses ends in prolonged temples and switches to the sides in an angular design, thus enhancing the profile of an oblong face.

  • Heart-Shaped Faces
  • The cat-eye sunglass also works perfectly for heart-shaped faces. Semi-rimless cat-eye sunglasses are the best bet, since the slick lines draw attention to the eyes, while enhancing other facial features as well.

  • Square Faces
  • Oversized cat-eye sunglasses work best for square faces, adapting to the angular face shape. Such faces are characterised by a broad forehead, with a strong horizontal jawline and a square chin. Square faces are almost proportional in length and width, and the best frame types for them are those that enhance the face shape.

  • Diamond-Shaped Faces
  • This rare face type is characterized by a narrow forehead and hairline, with a narrow and pointy chin at times. Such faces usually have very wide cheekbones and straight lines at the temples and jawline. Having both angular and curvy features, diamond-shaped faces are well complemented by wide, heavy, semi-rimless style sunglasses. Wide-framed cat-eye sunglasses are the best bet for women with this face type, as they highlight the cheekbones gloriously.

    Cat-eye sunglasses perfectly balance the facial features of angular faces. Thus, knowing your face type is the key to flaunting the perfect cat-eye pair. Now go on and get yourself the pair that best suits you!

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