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Clear Aviator Sunglasses

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Be the Trendsetter with Clear Aviator-Shaped Sunglasses

The timeless aviator-shaped sunglasses are the fashion staple of our generation and it has been so with the past decades as well. With numerous variations and colours that make them the most versatile. The ones with clear lenses or frames simply look the most modish and elegant. Now, at Lenskart, you will find the clear teardrop-shaped goggles in the swankiest hues. No matter what season it is, these chic sunglasses would convey a dapper look anywhere.

Clear aviator-shaped sunglasses to look out for

  • Aviator-shaped sunglasses with clear lenses in different tones: With clear lenses being photochromic, they change colours when you sport them in different lighting conditions. Go for the Evolve series by Ray-Ban for photochromic lenses on the aviator-shaped sunglasses. These classy clear goggles come with thin metal frames in the trendiest colours. The black, silver and golden teardrop-shaped frames in metal with the photochromic lenses in light brown, yellow, grey and pink convey a chic subtlety. The Ray-Ban clear aviator-shaped sunglasses with the sleek metal frames and temples look amazing with the light brown temple tips that complement the light hues on the lenses when they are exposed to sunlight.

The best part about the clear lenses is that you don’t have to take them off while indoors or during the night as their hue lightens when not exposed to sunlight. Moreover, the clear lenses come with 100% UV protection making it easy for you to indulge in various outdoor activities. These lenses also are good to sport during cloudy days as they mainly react with the intensity of the UV rays of the sun and change their colour accordingly. 

These aviator-shaped sunglasses by Ray-Ban are available for both men and women. Pair these versatile and highly trendy clear sunglasses with any attire you feel comfortable. Whether it is the indoors or outdoors, you won’t have to compromise on your style quotient ever!


  • Aviator-shaped sunglasses with clear frames: Clear frames on aviator-shaped sunglasses naturally add flair to simple contrasting outfits. The clear sunglasses from brands like John Jacobs come in modern variation of the standard aviator-shaped frame design to meet your fashion standards. The stylish thick frames of these clear teardrop-shaped sunglasses with sleek double-bridged bars and temples in black and the modish sky blue mirrored lenses exude a uniquely modern vibe. These classy clear rim sunglasses add that extra edge without being too loud but enough for heads to turn.