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Brown Aviator Sunglasses

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Chic and Trendy Brown Aviator-Shaped Sunglasses

Aviator-shaped sunglasses remain the most sought-after style of sunglasses ever since they became associated with valour during the Second World War. Their countless variants today in various styles and colours have become synonymous with mainstream fashion.   

Out of the many colours available, brown aviator-shaped sunglasses are the most versatile and maintain an air of sophisticated assertiveness. Lenskart brings you the trendiest brown teardrop-shaped sunglasses in the finest modern variants from many different brands. Style yourself with these classic brown goggles and get the timeless look anywhere you go!

Check out these brown aviator-shaped sunglasses

  • Aviator-shaped sunglasses with brown lenses: Classy and highly fashionable, aviator-shaped sunglasses with brown lenses are ideal for most outdoor activities as they tend to brighten your vision in the sun. Some of the ones by Ray-Ban come with stylish flattop bars and sleek golden frames and temples look simply elegant with the brown lenses. These Ray-Ban brown aviator-shaped sunglasses add a distinctive flair when paired with formal or semi-formal outfits.

Ray-Ban’s rimless teardrop-shaped sunglasses with brown gradient lenses and the golden double-bridged design convey a sleek vibe and you can easily pair them with your smart casual outfits.

The rounded aviator-shaped sunglasses with brown gradient lenses have tortoiseshell patterns on the golden flattop bar and the temple tips with sleek golden temples. These modern variants simply look apart and are highly modish to complement any attire.


  • aviator-shaped sunglasses with Brown frames: As the contemporary variations of aviator-shaped shades come in many styles, the ones by French Connection exude a uniquely modern look. The sleek dual tone half-rimmed frames in brown and golden along with brown temple tips and brown gradient lenses complements any smart-casual outfit. Both men and women who want to convey a subtle style statement can sport these modish brown colour aviator-shaped sunglasses.


The trendy aviator-shaped sunglasses in tortoiseshell frames have a blend of black and brown patterns with classy gradient lenses in green or brown. Out of the many branded aviator-shaped sunglasses, the ones by Tommy Hilfiger with tortoiseshell frames in acetate exude that modern look without you having to try much. The stylish and sleek golden double-bridged bars and the golden hinges on this modern reiteration of the standard style add that oomph to your casual outfits.


Other branded brown colour aviator-shaped sunglasses like Mask has the sporty frames and temples in the matte brown finish with the double bridges in the gunmetal colour. The brown gradient lenses on these youthful brown rim sunglasses are ideal to pair with lighter hued smart casual outfits on any sunny day.