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Best Aviator Shape Sunglasses and Glasses for Men and Women

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Aviator Shape Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become an important accessory to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays, glares and pollutants present in the environment and surroundings. These are not used only to accessorize one's look but also to protect the eyes. Aviator is one of the most stylish form of goggles that reflects the taste and attitude of a person. It suits on almost all face types but suits best on long faces or on square shaped faces.

Various brands are available in the market, providing stylish and elegant Aviators in different colours and designs to meet the taste and preferences of the consumers. Some of the brands are Ray-Ban, Vincent Chase, Odeysey, Farenhiet, Oakley, Vogue, Carrera, Fastrack and many others. All of these brands are quite popular among the people for providing superior quality Aviators.


Bestselling Aviator Sunglasses Prices Online in India 2018 on Lenskart.com


Latest Aviator Sunglasses Online

Aviator Sunglasses Prices

Blue Aviator Shape Vincent Chase POPSTAR Sunglasses Rs. 999
Matte Black Green Yellow Aviator Shape Vincent Chase POPSTAR Sunglasses Rs. 999
Ray Ban RB3025 Evolve Yellow Aviator Sunglasses (Good for Night Driving & Bike Riding) Rs. 8271
Hugo Boss Black Grey Aviator Shape Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 13275
Ray-Ban RB3025 Golden Grey Mirror Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 9171
Vogue Golden Brown Gradient Sunglasses Rs. 3141
Ray-Ban RB3432 Golden Green Sunglasses Rs. 3861
Vincent Chase Brown Brown Full Rim Aviator Shape Sunglasses Rs. 999
Grey Aviator Shape Mask Sand & Sun Sunglasses Rs. 499
Vincent Chase POPSTAR Golden Yellow Full Rim Aviator Shape Sunglasses Rs. 999


Designer Aviator Sunglasses Shades

The designs and colours of Aviators are changing with changing trends. Nowadays, Aviators come in various colours like gunmetal natural green, tortoise green, black grey, gunmetal blue gradient, copper brown gradient, gunmetal grey and many others to meet the choice of the new generation. The vibrant colours of the sunglasses make them suitable to go with every outfit. Designer Aviator sunglasses in different shades can add colour to one's personality.

Aviator Sunglasses Collection for Men

Aviators were at first crafted for men only but now aviators are widely used by women as well. There is a wide collection of Aviator sunglasses for men in the market. Aviators enhance the personality of men adding to their looks. Various brands like Ray-Ban, Vincent Chase, Odeysey, Vogue, Farenhiet, Fastrack, Oakley and some other top brands are engaged in manufacturing Aviator sunglasses for men. These brands provide a wide option for the fashion conscious men to buy Aviator sunglasses from. One can choose a perfect Aviator online based on his taste, requirement and budget.

Aviator Sunglasses Collection for Women

Aviators are now extensively used by women also to enhance their personality and to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays. The Aviators sunglasses for women are classy and can be worn with formals as well as casuals. Order from a gamut of the best Aviator sunglasses from Lenskart which have received great reviews and they will be delivered at your doorstep whether you live in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad or any other city.

Latest Collection of Aviator Sunglasses in India at LensKart.com

A horde of Aviator sunglasses for women as well as Aviator sunglasses for men are available at various discount and sale offers at Lenskart.com. Buy Aviators online at Lenskart at affordable price. The latest collection of Aviator sunglasses in India can be easily found at this leading online shopping portal, which assures its customers to deliver the product within 2-7 working days. Therefore, buy Aviators sunglasses at Lenskart who has made shopping much more easier than ever before, saving a lot of time and money too.

Style that never fades

Nothing can ever beat Aviator sunglasses, when it comes to accessories that can give an instant boost to your style quotient. The classic and timeless Aviators have evolved with time to match the changing trend. Lenskart brings together a wide range of Aviator designs, for both men and women, from brands like Ray-Ban, John Jacobs and Vincent Chase. It’s time to make heads turn with your favourite pair of Aviators.

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Best Aviator Sunglasses and Glasses for Men and Women

Trends keep changing every year. You can never be sure of what grows to be ‘in’ and what goes ‘out’, of fashion. But where modification is the brain of fashion industry, classic style is its heart. Yes, while fashion trends change with every tick of the clock, some fads are classic, that stay in vogue forever. Aviator Sunglasses are one such fashion fad. Going by the namesake, originally designed for pilots, they soon became a craze among fashion followers.

Today, with fashion having revolutionized incredibly, Aviators still remain a superlative choice for all. Primarily designed for men, now even women are sporting and rocking this frame type. Also, given to the popularity of aviator sunglasses, 2017 witnessed a gradual rise in aviator eyeglasses. From celebrities to influencers, everyone who knows fashion, sported aviator glasses, making it one of the hottest trends of this year.

Which face shapes look best with Aviator frames on?

Customary while selecting frames, contemplating over face shape is a crucial part of eyewear shopping. From rectangle to round, face shape differ from person to person. Yes, we know everyone of us wish to sport this rebellious frame type, but it doesn’t look universally good on everyone. There are these face shapes that look like a million dollar with aviators while there are still others that might give you a look that only a mother could love. Hence, you must want to read on:

Face shapes that go well with Aviators

1. Square – Sharp features like a broad forehead or distinctive jaw line are primary characteristics of a square-shaped face. Hence, sunglasses that are softer on edges are optimum for this type. Aviators, thus, adorn this face shape flawlessly for they aid in maintaining the natural balance of the face.

2. Oval – Being the most versatile face shape, every style suits on an oval face. With mostly even features, aviator sunglasses just work to add glow to an already perfect face shape. People with this face shape can try even different adaptations of an aviator style.

3. Heart – Also called as triangle face shape, they have the widest forehead and the narrowest chin. Aviator styled frames serve best with this face shape. Characteristic like the heart shape, aviators too, have a wide top and tapered bottom; hence they conveniently drive the focus towards the elongated face.

Transforming Aviators

With so many transformations happening in the fashion industry, Aviators too have transformed for good. Leading brands like Vincent Chase and Ray-Ban have given a new meaning to aviators by proffering several new takes on this frame type. With blinding array of fusions and blends, one can only get overwhelmed with this enormity. Some recent novelties witnessed in Aviators frames are-

  • Hexagonal Aviators
  • Titanium Aviators
  • Mirrored Aviators
  • Brow line Aviators
  • Polarized Aviators
  • Aviators for Men and Women

    Being unisex, both men and women are flaunting this drool-worthy frame type with utmost style and swag. Though men have been seen having a preference for classic black and gradient aviator sunglasses, ladies are fancying more for mirrored aviators.

    Well, whatever your style is, when it is aviators on the rack, your fashion game remains spot on!