Wayfarer sunglasses for Women

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Wickedly Worthy Wayfarers

Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn made Wayfarers, the ultimate style icon and women of today are taking these sophisticated sunglasses forward by making it an essential part of their day to day wardrobe. Wayfarer sunglasses, though started with wide dark frames, have with time transformed into chic eyewear with plentiful colour combinations and styles. One finds multi-coloured Wayfarers, original dark-toned Wayfarers or new contemporary – hybrid Wayfarer sunglasses combined with famous retro designs.

Facets of wonderful Wayfarer sunglasses:

  • Name it, you got it
  • Despite the fact that the origin of Wayfarers was in mid-1900s, these sunglasses have been keeping pace with the ever-evolving fashion and is yet to lose its shine in the world. Women have grown particularly fond of the Wayfarers as these are available in lots of colours, designs and styles. You want mirror Wayfarers, look for Vincent Chase’s Wayfarers; Ray-Ban is famous for their quirky-cool ClubMaster collection that can easily make your day which idiosyncratic colours and superior lenses. Even John Jacobs has come forward with its retro-hip round Wayfarer polarized sunglasses.
  • Trendy Shield
  • Full-rim Wayfarer sunglasses act as protective shield for women. Along with making them trendy-hip, Wayfarer sunglasses and their ultimate lens technology protects eyes of damsels from UV rays, harsh winds, dust and even bright sunlight. Now you can enjoy winter’s balmy sun and save your eyes from its evils.

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