Cat Eye Shaped sunglasses for Men

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      Featuring more subdued cat-eyes

      High profile celebrities such as Mary J. Blige and Miranda Kerr have made the bold cat eye glasses a huge hit in the fashion circuit. First made popular in the 1950s and 1960s by fashion icons Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, cat eye glasses have since been given a modern interpretation as seen with the bold and oversized design. With their natural way of universally flattering upswept lines, cat-eye frames have a remarkable way of brightening your eyes and lifting yourself up.

      Cat-eye style features

      • Unconditional style

      The cat-eye frames offer unconditional style with their sleek design and looks. Available in variety of shapes and sizes, these offer a never to forget experience with added looks of retro style.

      • Strong UV protection

      The frames available have a strong UV shielding. These set of tinted shades offer the best in class protection from UV 400 technology and leave a soothing impact on your eyes.

      • Under your money limits/ Suits every pocket

      The cat-eye sunglasses are not very high priced and fall within the affordableradar. You can now get your favorite design without even thinking about it for once.

      Shopping your cat-eyes

      Get the sharp look with these fierce cat-eyed frames. Login to and order your cat-eye frames now.

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