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Sunglasses for men: Look stylish and shield your eyes

Men's sunglasses are a pair of visual aid that has been used since a long time in history to protect eyes from the harmful atmospheric influences. Sunglasses for men come with a frame that is fitted with a pair of dark lenses that shields the eyes from dust, pollution, bright and harmful rays of the sun. Sunglasses for men come in a huge range of variety. The lenses can be polarized, mirrored and shielded from the UV rays. The frames can be of various shapes; from round, square, oval, rectangular, to the more classic shapes like Aviators, Wayfarer, and Cat Eye. Sunglasses for men are also used as visual aid in the form of spectacles or vision correcting glasses. Eyewear like sunglasses is also recommended by professionals to be worn in front of digital screens, like that of computers, phones, tablets, TVs, to protect eyes from the glare (which can cause serious damage to the eye). Sunglasses are also used for cosmetic purposes for looking good and even to shield the expressions of the wearer through the shades. Men's sunglasses, like the famous Aviators and Wayfarers, have become a very important fashion accessory. Celebrities like Tom Cruise, John Lennon, and Johnny Depp have continuously endorsed the use of men sunglasses through their distinct choice of eyewear. These sunglasses have actually become popular when people started following the styles of their favourite movie stars and icons.


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Blue Aviator Shape Vincent Chase POPSTAR Men Sunglasses Rs. 999
Blue Gradient Wayfarer Shape Vincent Chase Sunsetters Men Sunglasses Rs. 999
Blue Wayfarer Shape Vincent Chase POPSTAR Men Sunglasses Rs. 999
Golden Green Aviator Shape Vincent Chase Men Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 1199
Black Green Aviator Shape Vincent Chase Men Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 1199
Grey Gradient Aviator Shape Vincent Chase Men Sunglasses Rs. 999
Grey Rectangle Shape John Jacobs Men Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 3500
Grey Aviator Shape John Jacobs Men Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 3500
Brown Gradient Aviator Shape Vincent Chase Men Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 1199
Grey Black Aviator Shape John Jacobs Men Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 3500


Men sunglasses available on Lenskart in a huge variety!

Buying eyewear these days is as easy as the click of a mouse. Online store, Lenskart.com stocks a huge array of eyewear at the best prices available. Shopping online for shades is very easy because it is convenient to check out the huge range of brands, styles, shapes, lenses, frames available. Designer sunglasses come in an amazing range! Men sunglasses come in many shapes, but Aviator sunglasses for men are the most preferred choice. Other famous categories of eyewear are the ones that have lenses that are polarized, mirrored, etc. Wayfarer designer sunglasses are also hugely popular among men due to the cool vibes they have to offer to the wearer. Lenskart offers the best prices on designer sunglasses available online. You can pick out from brands like Ray-Ban, Vincent Chase, FCUK, Carrera, Boss Orange, Fastrack; in frames choose from different materials like stainless steel, acetate, etc; choose from the best designer sunglasses, from round, oval, Aviators, Wayfarers, Sports, wrap around, Cat Eye! In lenses choose different colours, from yellow, to purple, to green, to blue, or even red!

Shop on Lenskart.com to get the best designer sunglasses

Sunglasses for men are available in an attractive price range to suit almost every budget. Starting from as low Rs.500, to as high as Rs.10,000; the best sunglasses can be purchased on Lenskart.com. A universal shape that flatters almost every face is the classic Aviator sunglasses. Aviators have a thin metal frame, and the lenses are almost always reflective in nature. Men can’t seem to get enough of them. Wayfarers are another eyewear style that has become a style staple for many a man. Often sported by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Wayfarers ooze a classic American vibe. Wayfarers come in a thick frame, and they universally suit every face shape. Cat Eye sunglasses were made very popular by Hollywood stars of the past like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Cat Eye designer sunglasses look sexy, stylish and very retro. Lovers of uber casual look can opt for sports sunglasses that also come in the form of wraparound styles. These sunglasses protect the eyes in every possible manner for times when people indulge in extreme sports like biking, diving, snorkeling, etc. For a classic, yet understated look, rectangle and square shapes sunglasses are quite helpful. They do look a little geeky but they also give the wearer a sophisticated urbane look. Oversized sunglasses have also been quite a rage since some time, although preferred more by women, oversized sunglasses are also available for men on Lenskart. The best part about oversized sunglasses is that they completely protect eyes and the sensitive skin around from pollution and harsh sun rays.

Online shopping for the best prices!

The huge variety of sunglasses available online on Lenskart.com will amaze you. Lenskart stocks the most comprehensive range in men sunglasses ever found. The variety of brands is also endless. Take your pick from the best designer sunglasses, be it Wayfarer, Aviator, Cat Eye, round, square, or oval! Our online shopping store gives you the opportunity to try on the sunglasses virtually before buying. And if you aren’t satisfied you could even order a free at home trial to make sure the sunglasses flatter your face and style. Buy only when you are ultimately convinced about the quality, and the look of the eyewear!


Goggles for men at Lenskart.com come in many different frame designs and colours. Apart from several reiterations of the classic designs, these goggles most importantly protect one’s eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. While there are several styles and different frame sizes, it is important for men that they sport them depending on their choice of outfits for various occasions. Here are a few factors that are essential for men to consider while buying a pair of goggles.



Goggles for men are available in many new as well as classic styles that are highly fashionable.

  • Aviator-shaped goggles are the most preferred eyewear fashion accessory among men. These goggles became popular back in the 1930s and ever since, they are a fashion staple among male celebrities and personalities. The timeless masculine look and versatility of teardrop shaped goggles makes them easy to pair with any attire. Men can now choose from a variety of colours on these shades and pair them with formal and smart casual outfits accordingly. Aviator-shaped goggles are available from many other brands such as John Jacobs, Vincent Chase, Carrera, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Linda Farrow, apart from Ray-Ban. While the classic look with green and black lens tints along with silver are hugely popular, the modern variations of aviator-shaped branded goggles come with stylish thick frames with funky as well as stylish colours. The thick frames of the branded aviator goggles would complement any smart casual and semi- formal outfits.

  • Wayfarer–shaped goggles for men are versatile and highly fashionable. Calvin Klein, Boss Orange, Vincent Chase, and John Jacobs have the modern reiterations of the classic wayfarer-shaped goggles by Ray-Ban. These new wayfarer-shaped branded goggles have suave and modern colours on the frames along with polarized lenses and also, offer 100% UV protection. The modern wayfarer-shaped goggles come with sleek frame designs as well that can be effortlessly styled with smart casual as well as simply casual attire in chinos, denims, shirts or t-shirts.

  • Browline goggles for men are available in several brands such as Ray-Ban, John Jacobs, Vincent Chase, and Fossil. These branded goggles can be styled with a variety of outfits, as they come in many elegant frame and lens colours with sleek and bulky temples. Vincent Chase has their own range of browline goggles with bulky frames and polarized lenses that can be sported with semi-formal outfits. Some of the other branded goggles come with sleek frames and temples along with mirrored lenses with funky as well as suave colours look highly fashionable and can be paired with smart casuals in denims and blazers.


  • UV Protection Lenses: UV protection lenses protect one’s eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. These harmful rays increase the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration as one becomes old. The highly fashionablebranded goggles for men at Lenskart.com from brands such as Vincent Chase, John Jacobs, Polaroid, Ray Ban, Carrera and Tommy Hilfiger have 100% UV protection that block out the UVA and UVB rays. These branded goggles are categorized as UV 400.

  • Polarized Lenses: Polarized lenses help in adding contrast in one’s vision field and eliminating glare. These lenses will help in eliminating glare from reflected surfaces such as water and will help during driving, boating, fishing, and various other water sport activities. Vincent Chase has their own brand of polarized goggles that are available in all the different styles for men such as the aviator-shaped, browline, and wayfarer-shaped goggles. Branded goggles for men from Polaroid, Ray Ban are available in polarized lenses in grey that significantly reduces eyestrain in various outdoor situations. On the other hand, Carrera and Ray-Ban goggles for menhave polarized lenses with darker tints such as purple and brown, which are ideal for moderate lighting conditions. Branded goggles for men from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vincent Chase and John Jacobs, among others have polarized lenses as well as 100% UV protection.

  • Mirrored Lenses: As mirrored lenses are the new fashion trend, there plenty of branded goggles of men that have funky as well as elegant colours of mirrored lenses. Mirrored goggles for men are available in all the fashionable styles with excellent colour combinations in the frames as well. Ray-Ban’s aviator-shaped goggles come in yellow green, silver, pink, green, brown, and blue gradient mirrored lenses that complement men’s smart casual and semi-formal. Other branded goggles for men such as Carrera has green, blue and brown mirrored lenses with sleek frames and sporty temple designs that effortlessly cater to the contemporary fashion sensibility of men. Most of the popular wayfarer-shaped branded goggles for men from Boss Orange, Vincent Chase, and Oakley, etc. are available in trendy and elegant green and blue mirrored lenses.

Men’s Stylish Sunglasses

To all the men out there, if you are thinking of buying a new pair of sunglasses for yourself, you must know which coolest sunglasses styles are trending for men. Of course, for men, sunglasses are a path to exhibit not just their style but masculinity as well. Hence, they fancy sunglasses that are cool, robust and smart. And if this is what men, in common, want, what does the fashion charts say about the sunglasses that are a fashion fad this year. Thus, contemplating over both, we bring a roll of sunglasses that are best suited for men and are also trending this season.

  1. Aviators

Though worn by even women now, aviators were originally designed for men. From Tom Cruise to Ranbir Kapoor, the world drools over this frame type. Now with the rise of mirrored sunglasses, you can sport aviators with mirrored glasses and look even cooler. Men, especially with beards and moustache, look their sexiest best in aviator sunglasses. 

  1. Wayfarers

Of course, after aviators, the next hit frame style that men love is Wayfarer. But what’s hot this season? Wayfarer sunglasses, with slender temples and sombre hues, are making a fashion statement in the sunglasses arena. For men, wayfarers are the best pal of their armoires.

  1. Round Sunglasses

Richly coloured and recurrently rounded sunglasses have become one of the most preferred sunglasses styles for men. Men are using these sunglasses as an easy avenue to a cool and chic look. But, it’s not just about looking cool, these sunnies grant you both cool and classy look. So, whether it’s your five-piece suit or faded jeans, round shades will smoke fire with both the looks.

  1. Double wire sunglasses

Whether round or aviator, frames with double wire over the nose bridge have become a fad lately. This style adds a rebellious and robust look to a person’s persona. Hence, because men always fancy strength over style, these kind of frames are hugely admired among them. Also, leading brands like Ray-Ban and Vogue are introducing solo collections of this frame type.

  1. Large Rectangle Frames

Though now the trends are changing, men have always preferred minimalist style over fancy frames. And this is the reason why plain-sailing large rectangle frames are still popular among men. And with megastars like Salman Khan flaunting these, men are sure to follow this fashion craze.


While these were the hottest sunglasses style for men, selecting a pair for yourself must pass one crucial test. Face shape is a vital consideration whilst purchasing sunnies. Like wayfarers complement round, oval and rectangle face shapes, aviator looks best on a square and heart-shaped faces. Hence, know your face shape and then make a wise decision on which sunglasses you would like to adorn.  

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