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White Sunglasses

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White Sunglasses

Every sector of the fashion world is swooning over the funky white hue and the sunglasses domain is no exception. White is surely among the in-vogue tints this season. When it comes to sunglasses, white exemplifies fun, boldness and certain craziness. There is also another facet of white - modified and understated white hues suggest purity and calmness. Go ahead, pick your kind of white in accordance with your style, and score high on fashion charts.

Popular frames in white


  • White Sports sunglasses


As we said earlier, white gives hints of craze and fun, both of which are essential in any sports eyewear. This is why this colour dominates the range of sports goggles. Sunglasses are your go-to pals during any adventure. So to complement your enthusiastic self, don shades in funky white hues. Also, the combination of a white hue with mirrored glasses makes for a pair of bold sunglasses that accentuate your athletic style like no other. These goggles will find special love among kids and men. Sports shades with white frames also come in a variety of lens tints.


  • White Rectangle sunglasses


Because this frame type is a classic, when combined with white hues, it makes for a no-risk option. Broad rectangular shades with a white profile are so much fun. A mix of white with any solid colour is again a wow merger. Men can carry off white rectangular sunglasses along with their casual outfits for a vibrant look. Rectangular goggles in white have a winning sporty look. They come in a wide range of tints that can be worn by both adults and children.


  • White Round Sunglasses


Whether it's a classic style or a reinvented one, round sunglasses instantly liven up when created in white. Leading brands are proffering round sunglasses in solid whites or as a blend of white and other hues. Also, the round silhouette with double-wires or a brow line is a great style to pair with the white tint. Pick such quirky combinations to give a twist to your monotonous wardrobe. A variation of the white round shades is the oval one, known as clout goggles. These white oval shades were worn by Kurt Cobain with his shredded jeans and flannel shirts in the early 1990s.


  • White Aviator Shades


For something chic and iconic, white aviator shades have to make the superlative selection. Goggles with an aviator silhouette and white tint make for a killer combination. These easy to style cooling glasses are the best pick for both men and women. Couple these high-on-fashion shades with both your work and play outfits, for these are an equal balance of sophistication and a groovy style. Aviator shades with white frames come with grey tinted lenses and provide a distinct look when paired with casual attire.


  • Oversized white frames


For a luxe look, pick oversized sunglasses in a white hue. Whether in solid style or patterned, there is so much to experiment with and to explore when it comes to this crazy hue. Women will love this oh-so-feminine amalgamation of blended white tint and elegant oversized frames. Pair this combination with your statement outfits to look fashion forward instantly. White oversized goggles are available in round, oval and cat-eye shapes. Emma Watson recently wore white oversized round and cat-eye frames. In fact, oversized shades have always been a celebrity's best friend, they put out a nonchalant attitude along with a clear-cut chic vibe.

The white tint is not limited to frame types. Myriad textures and patterns are offered in white sunglasses. White temples in marble accents, checkered white frames, white arms melded with designer motifs... the list is endless. Because a vibrant and youthful feel lingers around white cooling glasses, this hue is even more popular among young girls and boys. So, all sunglasses lovers, white shades should be your pick for this season.