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Silver Sunglasses

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Silver Sunglasses

Silver sunglasses are suitable for work environments without compromising on style. These have been popular as reflective sunglasses and Robert Redford is an example of famous people who are often seen sporting the silver sunglasses.

Reflective sunglasses have the ability to completely protect one's eyes from the sun. These mirrored shades come in many colours with different frame shapes that radiate an assertive look. Silver shades are predominantly chic that suit both men and women.

Silver on popular frames

Aviator Goggles in Silver Colour

Silver Aviators look great with modest attire. These silver Aviators have been worn by Hollywood figures and eyewear fashion enthusiasts such as Blake Lively. Most of the silver Aviators can be worn by both men and women. Some silver Aviators come in red frames and they blend well with traditional wear.

The most common silver frames on cooling glasses are probably Aviators. The classic Aviators were made during the thirties and were sold as Ray-Bans. Their frames were made of gold and were later changed to silver.

Rectangular Shades

Most of the rectangular goggles in silver are intended for outdoor activities. These sleek reflector shades have light and dark black frames. These can be worn by both men and women. They are very fashionable and contribute to a smart casual retro look.

Clubmaster Shades

Clubmaster sunglasses are seen as half-rimmed glasses with the brow in black or brown. But their lower half is generally silver or gunmetal rimmed. There are Clubmasters by Ray-Ban that have silver mirrored lenses with brown frames. These can be worn by both men and women.

Other manufacturers who have adopted this style, have silver reflective lenses with the frames in silver as well. These are intended for women and girls. Clubmaster shades in silver convey great style.

Round Shades

Round shades blend well with most attires. There are many variations of silver framed round shades. Ray-Ban has its own version of silver frames in variants like transparent grey and simple silver.

Other manufacturers, who make round shades in silver, have transparent silver frames. These are not restricted to boys and girls and can be worn by both men and women. Elle Fanning has her own version of vintage round silver shades.

Silver shades come in many frame shapes other than the ones mentioned above. Some of them are more popular among boys and girls. There are silver sunglasses available in white frames and many other soothing colours that make one look sophisticated.

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