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Blue Sunglasses for Men and Women

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Blue Sunglasses

Blue shades are fashion friendly and are great for wearing on sunny days. Blue tinted glasses help in getting rid of eye strains and also benefit people suffering from Parkinson's disease.

There are many variants of blue when it comes to blue sunglasses. Dark and navy blue shades connote an elegant look while lighter blue shades are more casual and lively. Light blue tinted shades were popularized by Johnny Depp. Jamie Chung wore oversized blue mirrored shades to a Coachella party. And there are a number of celebrities who like to wear blue goggles.

Popular Blue Sunglasses


  • Aviator Shades in Blue


Aviator shades remain the most popular among all other sunglasses. Everyone loves them. They have been popularized by numerous celebrities and have become a huge part of contemporary fashion.

Aviators are available in many different tints. Some of the popular figures and celebrities who wear blue Aviator shades are Johnny Depp and Bono. Blue tints on Aviator shades are very fashionable and exhibit a casual vibe. Most of the blue Aviators can be worn by both men and women.


  • Cat-Eye Goggles in Blue


In this frame shape, there are quite a few variations of blue that women and girls can wear. Blue Cat-eye goggles have a distinctive look and these never go out of fashion. These blue shades come in many sizes that go with different outfits ranging from formal to casual. Gigi Hadid's collection of blue mirrored Cat-eye shades are designed to go with any attire.


  • Rectangular Shades


Rectangular framed cooling glasses are intended for oval-shaped faces to make one's face look angular. Blue mirrored glasses in this frame shape are suitable for both men and women and are available for all ages. Most of the blue rectangular sunglasses are meant for sports and outdoor activities. Some of the lighter blue shades in the rectangular shape blend wonderfully with white frames.


  • Wayfarer sunglasses


There are different brands that make their own versions of Wayfarers other than the original ones by Ray-Ban. Blue mirrored Wayfarers are a great fashion statement that pronounce a sporty vibe. They can also be worn by boys and girls and they come in smaller sizes. With light blue tints available, it is hard to go wrong with this shape. The blue polarized shades can be worn by both men and women. Ricky Gervais, a popular comedian from UK, wore blue reflective Wayfarer cooling glasses.

One can find many variants of blue in the frames of sunglasses. Blue cooling glasses for men go well with navy blue jeans and light coloured jackets or coats. For women, these shades go perfectly with light blue shirts and grey coats or sweaters. Blue cooling glasses are widely known to convey one's creativity and fashion sensibility.