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Gold, Brown, Green Sunglasses

Choosing the right colour for one's shades can be a daunting task. Different tints and frame colours have their own appeal.


Lens colours vary according to the activity one does, even though personal choices may differ. Blue light tends to be the most powerful in the visible spectrum of light waves. Different shades of lenses are modified by decreasing or increasing certain areas of blue light in the visual spectrum.

  • Brown Lenses

    Brown lenses are colour neutral and they specifically work on outdoor situations as they add visual acuity by brightening vision and reducing strain by blocking the blue light. Brown lenses tend to make depth perception better. As many other manufacturers have adopted the Wayfarer style, these frame shapes come with brown lenses in different frame colours. Most Aviators and Cat-eye shaped sunglasses have brown tinted lens colours.


  • Green Lenses

    Green lenses are also colour neutral and have better colour perception. They provide better contrast for low-light situations than the brown ones. They reduce brightness without distorting the vision. Green tinted lenses are available in different frame shapes. The original Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Aviators have green lenses. Other manufacturers also make green tinted lenses on the modified Clubmasters.


  • Gold Lenses

    Gold and other light colours like yellow, amber and brown are considered warm. They provide great depth perception and make surroundings brighter. Gold tinted lenses go well with Aviators.



Coloured frames, unlike lenses, mostly add cosmetic value. They get easily paired with different coloured lenses and also with different clothes.

  • Brown frames

    Brown frames are available in many frame shapes. They are available in Cat-eye sunglasses, Aviators, Round glasses, Wayfarers and Clubmaster shades. Brown frames blend well with green tinted lenses on Wayfarers and Clubmasters as the frames are thicker, which make them appealing to the eye. They also blend efficiently with golden lenses.


  • Green frames

    Green frames on sunglasses are very funky and are available in specific variants of green. There are lighter shades of green frames available in Wayfarers and some Cat-eye frames for children. There are darker shades of green in some Aviator frames.


  • Gold frames

    Thinking about gold frames, the first thing that comes to mind is Aviator sunglasses. Golden frame colours also go well with rectangular glasses and they define a sleek and elegant look. They can be paired with many lens colours including green, pink and brown. Gold frames provide a warm, aesthetic, and a timeless appeal as they go with any kind of clothing.