Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

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Protect Your Eyes From Glare with the Trendy Polarised Aviator-shaped Sunglasses

The timeless aviator-shaped shades were first made for US pilots by Bausch & Lomb during the 1930s to protect their eyes from the sun at high altitudes. They were sold as ‘Ray-Ban’ with dark green lenses that could block out glare and allow more visibility. Soon this style caught on with widespread celebrity endorsements and has become a major eyewear fashion accessory today.

Lenskart now brings you the trendiest aviator sunglasses in cool contemporary colours and styles with polarised lenses for protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun so that you don’t have to compromise on your style quotient. Go anywhere with these versatile and timeless sunglasses frames and choose from the best colours and modern styles without damaging your eyes ever!


Aviator-shaped goggles with polarised lenses

With so many colours and variations, these aviator-shaped sunglasses keep getting reinvented by many other brands that meet the fashion sensibility of our generation. As not all aviator-shaped sunglasses come with polarised lenses, here are a few styles that you can check out:

  • Modern aviator-shaped sunglasses with polarised lenses: With many newer variations of the classic style, you can go for the ones with the thicker frame design by Ray-Ban. The slightly protruding upper edges with golden end pieces and the sleek double bridges and temples in silver, would give your look that modern edge you need. These polarised aviator-shaped sunglasses come with trendy blue gradient lenses that would complement most of your attire.


As the lenses of this modern variant are polarised, you get the additional benefit of increased clarity of vision with enhanced contrast. Moreover, you can sport your classy aviator-shaped shades for longer hours without facing any eyestrain, headaches, and vision distortion.


Try the sporty and fashion-forward polarised aviator-shaped sunglasses frames by Carrera. With bulkier frames and moving away from the traditional double-bridged style of the standard design, these shades are suitable for all who are into sports and adventure. Out of the many benefits of polarised lenses, these aviator-shaped sunglasses are comfortable even with bad weather conditions.

  • Polarised lenses on the classic style with modern colours: As the classic style today comes in a variety of colours, you will find the polarised aviator-shaped sunglasses in plenty of elegant lens colours. Try the ones by Vincent Chase that come with yellow polarised lenses and the tone-matching gold frames and temples. These goggles look always trendy and you can effortlessly pair them with all your smart casual outfits. The polarised lenses in yellow are ideal when you are driving in the sun.


How to Identify Polarised Shades?

You can easily find out if your shades are polarised. One of the easiest ways is to place your polarised aviator-shaped goggles in front of a computer screen and rotate them at a 60° angle slowly. If your lenses turn dark, then you would know they are truly polarised. Another way is to check any reflective surface such as a glass table under the sun. If you can clearly see the reflective surface without any of its glare after moving slowly to an angle of 60°, your aviator-shaped sunglasses are definitely polarised.