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Add some colours to your life with reflector sunglasses

The idea for reflector sunglasses goes back to the Roman times. Emperors at that time would enjoy outdoor gladiator spectacles through an emerald, so the light wouldn't bother their eyes. The trend continued to the 20th century as well. In the 1920s, during film-making, many actors and actresses had to spend time in sun shooting for their movies. And as a result, they started using the eye-covering shades which not only protected them from harmful UV-Rays but also added to their style statement.  These mirrored sunglasses take us back to the old cyber thriller movies. For eg. ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Cool Hand Luke’. Sunglasses have covered a long journey, from emperors to Hollywood stars, and have seen a considerable change in style — from practical, protective eyewear to staple fashion accessory. And you can find all kinds of reflector sunglasses at Lenskart.

Lenskart has definitely been successful in bringing a new style statement among people, especially youngsters. Here, you will find all reflector sunglasses for men and women, in different shades and sizes. And with their 3-D Try-on, you can select reflector goggles as per your face structure.

Reflector sunglasses for men and women

In collaboration with Revo, the leader in creating the groundbreaking Light Management System (LMS) lens technology adapted directly from NASA, Vincent Chase has introduced its latest collection of Vincent Chase Mirror sunglasses. Vincent Chase VC 5158 Black Blue Mirror 1120/U1 Sunglasses is the perfect reflector sunglasses for both, men and women who are tired of the continuous headaches because of the sun’s intense glare every day and want to protect their eyesight from the harmful UV rays. This pair from the Mirror collection provides vivid, sharp and clear vision all thanks to the most-advanced high-contrast lenses which filter the light in such a natural way that only the right amount enters the eye. The pair also boasts of 100% UV protection.

At Lenskart, there are unlimited options available for everyone. You can choose from different styles and brands.

Reflector sunglasses in different colours

Mirrored sunglasses are fashionable and accentuate successfully individualism and extravagance. They go beyond simple functionality. If you wear glasses, you know for sure that frames can make or break your entire appearance. But when you buy your sunglasses at Lenskart, you don’t have to worry a bit. It has Reflector sunglasses in different colours and you can get the one which suits you the best

Benefits of Reflectors

The coating on reflectors makes them the best choice for those who are hard on sunglasses because Reflector goggles resist scratches much better than some of the other coatings.Because they’re more durable, people often like wearing mirrored sunglasses when they play sports or participate in water activities. Mirrored sunglasses also help people to feel more comfortable out in the sunshine. So, get your perfect pair today at Lenskart and be a style icon.

Reflecting shades

Everything that looks glamorous becomes the trend. Sunglasses styles have evolved over the time with the changing trend. The latest in sunglasses trend is the mirrored style. Mirrored sunglasses in different hues and shades are available on Lenskart to pump up your style quotient. With mirrored sunglasses, you will definitely notice an instant transformation in your style.

Lenskart’s mirror sunglasses

Lenskart keep us updated with what is new and trending in the eyewear world. The new mirror shades on Lenskart will catch your attention instantly. The various features of sunglasses in this category are:

  • Classy colours to suit your style
  • Shades in different shapes like cat-eye, aviator, rectangular, etc.
  • Frames made of durable materials
  • Lightweight frames.

Exploring the mirrored world on Lenskart

Mirrored sunglasses on Lenskart truly reflect style and sophistication. High on quality and durability, these sunglasses are worth a pick. Pick your favourite mirror sunglasses from Lenskart.com at affordable prices, as exciting offers and discounts are always there in stock. 

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