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Be sophisticated with Calvin Klein sunglasses everywhere

The eponymous American fashion lifestyle label, Calvin Klein Incorporated was founded in 1968 in New York City. Initially Calvin Klein designed women’s dresses that were highly fashionable and elegantly understated. Soon by the late 1970s, this brand branched into designing sunglasses and other accessories for both men and women.

Calvin Klein sunglasses are not only minimal but are highly innovative with their designs. This brand’s take on the classic styles of sunglasses frames is about blending the new and modern in the most fashion-forward and sophisticated manner. Lenskart brings you the best of Calvin Klein shades in a diverse array of styles and modern colours that are simply perfect for any occasion.


Check out these amazing different styles of Calvin Klein sunglasses  

  • Calvin Klein Aviator Shape Sunglasses: Aviator shaped sunglasses frames are timeless and versatile. This classic design became a part of mainstream fashion ever since the 1950s and got adopted by numerous celebrities over the decades. They still rule the fashion world. Calvin Klein’s aviator shaped sunglasses are remarkable in their design and are a classy variation of the classic style with a refined aesthetic. These aviator shaped shades come in the suave gunmetal colour on the frames while the bulky temples and modish flattop bar have an elegant wooden finish in the dark brown hue. The brown gradient lenses look exceptionally cool and would enhance your looks anywhere.


  • Calvin Klein Wayfarer Style Goggles: The iconic trapezoidal sunglasses are the go-to accessory for all fashion savvy individuals. Calvin Klein offers a diverse range of wayfarer shaped shades in unique colours for both men and women. You could go for the smooth and slightly rounded version of the bulky trapezoidal frames and temples that come in the trendy tortoiseshell pattern. The striking blue lens colour gives off a highly fashionable vibe no matter what outfit you wear.

Women can also find the chicest designs of wayfarer style sunglasses of Calvin Klein in the most elegant tones. For a subtle yet confident look, you have the modern trapezoidal frame design that resembles the cat-eye shape but retains the effect of the original. With a low set bridge and the bulky frame and temples in the refined brown colour, these shades would be perfect to give your business casual outfits the dynamism you need, effortlessly.


  • Calvin Klein Round Shades for women: Even though round frame design is considered vintage, the round sunglasses for women by Calvin Klein have a highly contemporary appeal. With transparent frames in the lighter purple hue, the modern looking bulky temples, and the suave grey lenses, you can make an effortless fashion statement anywhere.


  • Calvin Klein Butterfly Sunglasses Frames: By having the resemblance of butterfly wings, the butterfly sunglasses frames give off a highly feminine vibe. The ones by Calvin Klein come in various colours that always would have a high street fashion appeal. Try out the petite geometric design of butterfly sunglasses frames. The thick frames in black along with the sleek and slender temples, bridge, and end pieces in the classy golden colour, convey versatility with the blue gradient lenses. They would complement all your formal and casual outfits.


  • Calvin Klein Cat-eye Shades: Cat-eye sunglasses frames have always been associated with glamour and mystery. Calvin Klein comes in different shapes of cat-eye goggles in angular and rounded frame designs. The exceptional colour combinations of the frames, temples and lenses would make want to sport them all the time. Try out the slender frames of cat-eye sunnies in the chic maroon colour with remarkably designed temples and bridge in the timeless golden colour. The grey gradient lenses add versatility like no other and exude sophistication and exuberance no matter where you go.


Calvin Klein – Class Apart

Differently shaped sunglasses with designs that speak for themselves! Calvin Klein has created its hold in the eyewear world by offering something unique and appealing every time. With interesting shapes and looks, Calvin Klein sunglasses are free from all sorts of animosity and dullness. Popular among people of all age groups and with different style needs, Calvin Klein sunglasses are the rage. Lenskart has brought exciting range of Calvin Klein shades for its customers.

Why Calvin Klein sunglasses?

Ranging from aviators to wayfarers, Calvin Klein sunglasses are available in all shapes and styles. The highlighting features of Calvin Klein shades on Lenskart are:-

  • Available in all sizes and designs (full rimmed, half rimmed and rimless)
  • Light and high quality frame materials
  • All types of frame styles available like cat-eyed, aviators, etc.
  • Bold and attractive colours.

Lenskart: Bringing all for you

Are you waiting to explore the new Calvin Klein’s collection of sunglasses? brings to you the exciting range of stylish Calvin Klein sunglasses.  Gear up to experience these awesome sunglasses with exciting offers and discounts on Lenskart.

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