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The word on the streets is - a whole new exotic range of Sunglass styles from various parts of Europe has taken the streets by storm. With the breathtaking landscapic locales that are known to Europe, the Sunglasses from Europe are brought to India to delve in the European glamour. Like every country or the city in Europe has a story, this range of sunglasses from Europe also comes with stories of their own. Are you ready to explore this amazing range of sunglasses? Let's begin the journey!

The Greeks love to take their time. With nowhere to go in a hurry, eating out is their thing! From beaches to the countryside, caf├ęs burst with life. These bold frames represent their snazzy and carefree nature.

Experiencing Turkey means getting lost in the overwhelming bazaars and exploring the old quarter. It's steaming away in the architectural delight of a hamam. If you love the friendly and outgoing culture of the Turks, then these frames are a true reflection of their lifestyles.

From the grand Old World Italian architecture to the vibrant Tuscan-style designs, all set in soul-soothing landscapes, Italy is a bundle of inspiration for one and all. We hope these frames pass on the inspiration that went into creating them.

The Parisienne's favourite style at the moment is 'vintage'. You'll find her flaunting voluminous sleeves and floral prints wandering through the flea markets of Paris. These vintage frames add the elegance of the French way of life to your damsel look.

The exotic pottery and the colourful paintings of old-world Spain bring to life, the Spanish culture we all love. Influenced by the same flair, these frames will add a classic Spanish charm to your style.

Dressed in navy silk pyjamas and a teal topcoat draped over their shoulders, Russian women will look chic on any ordinary day, even while picking wild mushrooms like everyone else in the summer. Look just as fashionable with these frames, no matter what your favourite pastime.

From pickles to pottery, from rugs to jewellery, the Romanians have always been fascinated with homemade products. These hand-crafted wooden frames are a tribute to the keen Romanian eye for detail.

The Swedes love their summers. It's a time to get together and catch up after the long winter, fish and golf under the midnight sun. These summer frames will remind you of the surreal Swedish lives.

The Turkish bazaars are pepped up with the glamour that keeps it going. The wonders of the Middle East come calling with the Turk's style definitions, in these Sunglass Styles from Turkey. Revving up of their lifestyle and grand taste, these sunglasses will be a dreamer's delight.

The inspiration behind these sunglasses is from the Tuscan-style designs, vibrant paintings from the old world Spain, overwhelming grand bazaars of Turkey and the Parisienne's love for vintage. Is that verve to try these amazing sunglass styles up yet?

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