Polaroid Lens Technology

With Polarized sunglasses in demand and the rising hike, it has resulted in high growth sale of the same in the market. Already, one in five pairs of sunglasses sold worldwide is polarized – which amounts to almost 60 million pairs every year. Consumers have released the importance of this technology and have weighed the Polarized lenses twice as much as the ordinary lenses. Polaroid being the brand ambassador of this technology, it is the most trusted seller. Retailers predict that the market for polarized sunglasses will continue to grow.

Let us explain the unique 75 years technology Polaroid has in place for you.
ABC of Polaroid technology
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UltraSight lenses in Thermofusion technology

The UltraSight polarized lens is exclusively used in Polaroid polarized sunglasses. This new technology combines breakthrough developments in eco-materials with Polaroid’s proprietary Thermofusion technology. The outcome is world’s best lenses. Patented by Polaroid, the lenses are safe and secure and made out of Polycarbonate with the green credentials of triacetate.


9-lens Technology

UltraSight technology, used specially for Polaroid, is not an ordinary one. Made of nine functional elements, each and every lens layer, out of the 9 layers, has a different role to play. The core element of the lens construction is the polarizing light filter in the center. UV light absorbers are bonded to both sides of the filter. These block all harmful UVA, UVB and UVC light rays. Shock-absorbing layers are then fused to both sides of the UV absorbers, making the lens light, flexible and impact-resistant. A scratch-resistant layer on both the outer surfaces completes the lens structure.