When will I get my order?
Below is a depiction of the process that will be followed post your order. Unlike shoes and books, Eyeglasses are a customized products and a lot work is done before we ship out your spectacles to you:
The processing time depends on several aspects: the type of lens you have chosen and your power, when did you place it the order, and what city you live in. Here, what you can expect:
In 80% of the cases our orders will take much lesser time than we commit. However, we do not want to over commit and under deliver to our customers.We have noticed customers making multiple trips and calls to regular opticians for their specs and we want to save you that effort and frustration.
Please note: In smaller cities where Blue-Dart does not provide service, delivery may take additional 2-3 days because of additional shipping time by other couriers.
Why our orders take this much time?
Firstly, unlike other stores, at Lenskart we believe in 100% transparency and we want to deliver exactly what we have committed to you. At regular opticians you may not always get what you were committed in urgency to meet timeline and fear of losing a customer. If a lens is taking time to get manufactured, we believe in informing you of the same, rather than delivering anything that may not stand up to our high quality standards.
Secondly, quality takes time. Unlike other stores, at Lenskart we have a 3-stage Quality Check Process under which if a defect is detected at any step, we do a full replacement, which often ends up taking time (as we have to restart the whole process).This is not a common practice, as this would mean a lot of wastage for the company. However, this is what we stand for and hence we feel we would rather delay the order than deliver a makeover product.
What if I'm not happy with the fit of my frames?
We want you to love the look and feel of your new frames, so if they fit anything less than comfortably, let us know! We have a 14-day, no-questions-asked return policy for all of our eyewear. We'd be happy to recommend a style that might fit you better. Adjusting your frames is also another easy option to improve the fit.
What do I do if I'm experiencing issues with my prescription?
Sometimes it takes a few days to adjust to a new prescription, but if you're having ongoing trouble with your glasses, give us a call at 0-99998-99998. We'll help determine the issue so that we can re-make your glasses and make sure that your prescription is just right!