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Sunglasses for men with small frame sizes

With their different face sizes and shapes, men can choose to wear sunglasses that have small, medium or large frames to suit their look. Sunglasses with different frame sizes accentuate certain facial features and it is important to wear a frame shape that is opposed to the face shape. For example, men with square faces can try sunglasses frames that have soft edges, or, men with round faces can try shades that have angular frame shapes.

Face size measurement for small frames

To wear shades with small, medium or large frame sizes, it is important that men determine their face sizes. By holding a ruler horizontally across the face in front of a mirror, one can calculate the distance between the right and left edges of the face where the temples sit. Face sizes are measured in inches and faces that are about 4.5 inches wide are ideal for small sunglasses frames.

Size measurements for small frames

The sizes for sunglasses frames are measured in millimeters. The frame sizes for small sunglasses can be determined by calculating the following aspects:

  • Eye Size: It is the width of the lens calculated horizontally. Small frames have eye sizes that range from 45 mm to 50 mm, depending on the style.

  • Bridge Size: The distance between the lenses is called the bridge size. The bridge sizes for small sunglasses frames range from 20 mm to 23 mm.

  • Temple Size: It is measured in a straight line from the end-points to the temple tips. The temple size for small sunglasses frames range from 140 mm to 149 mm.

Best sunglasses with small frame sizes

  • Round Sunglasses: Being the most retro-looking of all other styles of sunglasses, these shades come with small frame sizes. Men with square faces have even jawlines, foreheads and cheekbones. Round shades complement square faces by softening the strong facial features. The small round frames come in 49 mm to 50 mm eye size, 20 mm to 23 mm bridge size, and 140 mm to 149 mm temple size.

  • Wayfarer Goggles: These shades look good on many face shapes and they are available in small frames. The wayfarer sunglasses largely complement the oval face shape of men and soften the broad cheekbones. Small wayfarer-shaped sunglasses have about 50 mm of eye size, 22 mm to 23 mm of bridge size and 140 mm to 153 mm of temple size.

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