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Eyeglasses for men with small frame sizes

People don't just wear eyeglasses now because they’re a necessity in correcting the vision. It has a lot to do when it comes to enhancing the overall looks and personality. This is the reason why best of designs and patterns are being launched in the market on a regular basis. The users of eyeglasses do not buy these for the sole purpose of vision improvement, but they also understand that a perfectly fitted pair of eyeglasses can create a lasting impression. It adds a class and the much needed style to a man’s appearance. People with different face shapes and sizes can easily choose their best match from among a variety of options available.

Face size measurement for small frames

If the eyeglasses do not fit the face shape aptly, chances of noticeable oddity increases manifolds. A small face with a large frame is sure to surprise many, not in awe but with doubt. To avoid such fashion faux pas with your eyeglasses, one must correctly measure the size of the face and match it with that of the eyeglass frames. For example, a small frame size is suitable for face length measuring between 120 mm to 135 mm approximately.

Size measurements for small frames

The more accurate the calculation of the size of the eyeglass frame will be, more defined will be the fit around the face. To measure a small eyeglass frame, the following values can be referred to:
  • Eye Size: It is the length of the horizontal length of the lens. Small frames have eye sizes that range between 45 mm to 52 mm approximately
  • Bridge Size: It is calculated as the space between the two lenses when joined together into a frame. The bridge sizes for small eyeglass frames range between 14 mm to 18 mm approximately.
  • Temple Size: It is measured in a straight line from the end-points to the temple tips. The temple size for small eyeglass frames range between 120 mm to 130 mm approximately.
  Best eyeglasses with small frame sizes
  • Rectangle: Most men with round faces opt for rectangular shapes as these fit perfectly around the round chin and wider cheeks. These are available in different color, designs and patterns to make a perfect choice for bold and confident men.
  • Wayfarer: Best suited for round and oval face shapes, these are the most preferred options for men who need smaller frames. These accentuate the facial features and add a fresh look to the personality.
  • Cat-Eye: This type of frame design suits almost all face shapes and sizes. These are classic in look and adds a mix of style and sophistication to the personality. These are available in multiple options of colors and sizes. The best choice can be made after having referred to the size guidelines as mentioned above.
Recommendation With a wide variety of classic and cool frame designs of eyeglasses for men with smaller sized face available, there is no reason why one should wait more to buy a perfect pair. Choose the one that is made just for you and let the others envy your style.