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Medium Eyeglasses

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Eyeglasses for men with medium frame sizes

  Eyeglasses go a long way to define a perfect style statement. Unlike old times, wearing eyeglasses does not mean you’re a lowly human being. The variety of designs available today gives the user an opportunity to reveal the right attitude. The right fit of the eyeglass is, therefore, of utmost importance. The medium sized frames are best suited for men who have a medium length face.

Face size measurement for medium frames

To avoid the eyeglasses from being too small or too big in comparison to the face size, one needs to accurately measure the size between the temples from across the face. If this length varies between the ranges of 135 to 144 mm, the most apt eyeglass size will undoubtedly be medium.

Size measurements for medium frames

The following reference values can be considered while selecting a medium sized frame:
  • Eye Size: This is the length of the lens calculated horizontally. Medium frames have approximately 52 mm to 58 mm of eye size.
  • Bridge Size: It is basically the length of the distance between the two lenses calculated horizontally. The bridge sizes of medium eyeglasses range from 18 mm to 21 mm approximately.
  • Temple Size: The distance from the temple tips in a straight line is called the temple size. Medium-sized eyeglass frames have approximately 135 mm to 144 mm of temple size.
Best eyeglasses with medium-frame sizes
  • Wayfarer Eyeglasses: Most apt for the round and oval face shapes, this type of eyeglass frames fits well around a medium face size. These are available in several designs and patterns.
  • Aviator style eyeglasses: These are the most suitable for square and oval face shapes. These are among the trendiest designs for men. Accentuating the masculinity, these aviators are the most preferred by the professional men.
  • Rectangular and Oval: Rectangle frames suit best to the round faces and the oval goes best with the square face. For a medium sized frame, the size guidelines mentioned above can be used as reference points.
Recommendation It is now easier to select the finest pair of eyeglasses that will perfectly fit a medium sized face. Amongst the several options available, men can choose the one that does not only fit accurately around the face but also goes well with the occasion, mood and overall personality.