Large Eyeglasses

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Eyeglasses for men with large frame sizes

  As important the eyeglasses are for improving a person's vision, they’re also pertinent in enhancing a person’s looks. Large frame size for eyeglasses has been a choice for those men who like to flaunt the bold looks. The glasses hone the facial silhouette and add freshness to the overall appearance. However, it is absolutely necessary to attain a perfect fit of the glasses onto the face. Undersized or oversized glasses can completely impair a great personality. <

Face size measurement for large frames

It is necessary to correctly measure the size of the face to select the right frame size of an eyeglass. To measure the face one can simply calculate the distance between the temples and match it with the lens width of the eyeglasses. For a face that is longer than 150 mm, a large frame size is the most apt.

Size measurements for large frames

The measurements for a large sized frame can be calculated on the following basis -
  • Eye Size: It is the measurement of the width of the lens horizontally. Large frames shall range between approximately 58 mm to 62 mm of this size.
  • Bridge Size: This is the distance between the lenses that are joined together from the centre. Bridge sizes of large eyeglass shall range between 21 mm to 24 mm approximately.
  • Temple Size: This is calculated as the horizontal length between the temples from across the face. Eyeglasses with large frames have 144 mm to 150 mm approximately.
Best eyeglasses with large frame sizes
  • Rectangle: The rectangular shapes are best suited for a large sized face. It brings symmetry to the face and adds perfection to almost all the face shapes. It is most widely and commonly used shape with a variety of colors and designs available. One can easily choose a pattern that looks most appealing.
  • Aviator: The aviator shape has been the most preferred design of men as it looks absolutely classy and sturdy on a confident and bold face. This pattern goes well with the face shapes that are square or oval. For accurate fitting the size guide can be followed.
Recommendation A large frame size is most apt for a longer face and it is easy to determine the dimensions with simple calculations. Following the current fashion trends Men have a wide variety of colors and shapes to choose from. So it’s time to flaunt your exclusive style and inspire the world.