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Eyewear Frame sizes for Men

The latest eyewear collection includes frames to suit different needs. Broadly classified into the categories of small, medium and large, these frame sizes are crafted to fit seamlessly around a variety of face shapes and sizes. A perfect fit conveys a perfect style statement.

Face Shapes of Men

The natural silhouette of a face cannot be changed but the shape of an eyewear frame can be chosen wisely to best fit a particular face shape. Some of the common face shapes are listed below along with the recommended frame shapes:
  • Round - a rounder chin and wider cheeks define a rounded face shape. Trapezoidal, cat-eye and rectangular frames suit this type the most.
  • Oval - these face shapes are more symmetrical and common. Oval shaped frames and aviator type frames are best suited to this one.
  • Square - Men with square faces have a strong jawline. Rounded and oval frame shapes along with the aviator styles are perfect.
  • Heart - Faces with pointed chins define a heart-shaped silhouette. Cat-eye and round frames are best suited to this figure.
  • Diamond - Those with narrow foreheads have a diamond-shaped face. Apart from rectangular and oval shapes clubmaster style fits perfectly to this shape.
  Frame Measurements Measured in millimeters the frames sizes of eye glasses are classified into three categories including small, medium and large. It is wiser to measure the below mentioned indices to select a frame that fits impeccably to your face:
  • Eye Size: It is the width of the frame’s lens calculated horizontally from the outer lens edge. Lenses with different eye sizes range from 40 mm to 62 mm.
  • Bridge Size: The bridge size is the distance between the two lenses, and the sizes of the bridge ranges from 14 mm to 24 mm.
  • Temple Size: The distance between the temples measured through a straight line gives out the correct temple size. The temple size ranges from 120 mm to 150 mm.
  Face Measurements To reflect the true attitude, a person needs to choose an eyeglass frame that suits his personality, complements his looks and creates a lasting impression. For this, the right measurement of the face and matching it with the dimensions of the frame and eyeglass lens width is important. The small frames are best suited for lens width of 50 mm and below, medium are perfect for a range between 51 mm to 54 mm and the large for 55 mm and above. This can be your guide to selecting your best pair of eyeglasses.