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Square Eyeglasses

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Men Face Shape - Square
Men with square face shapes are perceived to be more confident and robust. This could be the result of the unmatched symmetry along all their facial features. For a face shape like this, a wide collection of eyeglasses is available to choose from. 
Measurement of the Square Face Shape
By Ruler: A face shape can be measured easily by using a ruler and calculating the dimensions defining the main features such as hairline, forehead, chin, cheekbones, face length and jawline. 
By Mirror: The other way is to stand in front of the mirror and draw an outline of your face shape on the glass. The resultant figure will determine the shape of your face. 
Square Face Shape
This type of shape includes a broad forehead with a lengthy hairline. The jawline is angular and strong while the chin is wide and prominent. The cheekbones too are wide and squared off from the edges. The dimensions appear to be symmetrical from all sides and edged to perfection. 
Most Suitable Eyeglasses for Square-Shaped Faces
Round: To highlight the contrasting shapes, round-edged eyeglasses go very well with a square-shaped face. They stand out sufficiently over a square symmetrical shape and add more balance to the appearance of the face.
Oval: This is the most popular shape of frames preferred by men from all age groups. The oval shape fits perfectly over a square face and highlights the edged contours of the facial features.
Aviator: This design is preferred by classy and sophisticated men. The rounded bottom enhances the looks of a square-shaped face.
Cat-Eye: Those aware of the latest fashion trends demand this frame design. It goes well with a square shape and creates the right balance between the face and the eyeglasses.
However, some of the designs may only look average on this shape, while some may appear to be a perfect match. For an accurate selection of eyeglasses, it is important to confirm that the face shape is square.