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Round Eyeglasses

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Men Face Shape - Round

Different men have different face shapes. A round face is quite commonly found in men.
To choose the right style of eyeglasses, it is imperative to determine the correct face shape. 
Measurement of the Round Face Shape
By Ruler: The complete face shape can be measured by using a ruler and mapping the respective lengths of the forehead, chin, cheekbones, jawline, hairline and vertical face length and then comparing it with each other to find out the correct ratio between the features. 
By Mirror: Using a mirror is easier. By looking into the mirror, draw an outline of your face on the glass using any temporary ink (lipstick, marker…). After this, get away from the mirror and assess what shape has been formed on the glass. That will be same as the shape of your face.
Round Face Shape
In this shape, the face appears to look like a circular figure. The forehead is wide with a rounded hairline. Cheekbones are wider with circular edges. The jawline too has rounded edges, concluding towards a circled chin. If an outline is drawn, the complete figure will result in a spherical shape.
Most Suitable Eyeglasses for Round-Shaped Faces
Rectangle: This style is opposed to the round shape in appearance and therefore goes well in symmetry. It stands out flawlessly on a round shape.
Wayfarer: This style also has symmetrically pointed edges which fit in contrast to a rounded shape, creating the right balance.
Cat-Eye: This trendy style is most apt for the circular face shape. With its edged-out corners, it creates the right amount of differentiation in shape and style, making the face look more attractive.
Some frame styles are most suitable for a particular face shape, while others do not look that appealing on it. Thus the choice of an ideal eyeglass frame should be made after having determined the face shape of the user.