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Oblong Eyeglasses

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Men Face Shape - Oblong
An oblong shape of face is a little hard to determine as it almost looks like an oval shape. Men with oblong face shapes have a variety of eyeglass designs available to choose from. 
Measurement of the Oblong Face Shape
By Ruler: A ruler can be used to measure the size of the facial features including the jawline, chin, cheekbones, forehead and hairline along with the vertical face length. These measurements can then be used to create an outline of a face structure – it’s shape will be your face shape. 
By Mirror: Using a mirror is easier and time saving. All one needs to do is to stand in front of a mirror and draw the outline of the face on the glass. The shape that comes out as the result with be the shape of your face.
Oblong Face Shape
This shape is determined as a slightly longer version of an oval shape. It is also narrower that the usual oval shape. It includes a broad forehead and cheekbones. The chin is smaller and rounded while the hairline is broader than the chin, but smaller than the forehead, with circular edges. Together, these dimensions make the shape of an inverted egg. 
Most Suitable Eyeglasses for Oblong-Shaped Face
Rectangle: The pointed edges of this frame design fall in contrast to the rounded edges of the face. This helps in highlighting the contours of the eyeglass as well as the face with appropriate amount of balance and differentiation.
Wayfarer: This is a commonly used frame style for men with a subtle personality and a preference for sophisticated designs. It brings out the contrasting shapes of rounded face and angular glasses. 
Aviator: This design is among the favourites of classy, confident men. The slightly rounded bottom edges and a broader frame at the top fit well over the oblong face shape.
Cat-Eye: This style of eyeglasses frame is the trendiest of all and is preferred by men who relate themselves to the latest fashion statements. The slightly edged-out corners accentuate the features of an oblong-shaped face.
However, there are certain designs that fit seamlessly on an oblong-shaped face while others may fail to look appropriate. Therefore, it is vital to accurately identify an oblong face shape and then select the best pair of eyeglasses.