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Determining the shape of the face to select the best-suited eyeglasses is vital. A popular saying goes, "Men will be men" It is true to say that several characteristics are common between all men. However, a few differ and one of these is the face shape. 
Measurement of Face Shape
By Ruler: A face shape can be measured easily by using a ruler and calculating the dimensions defining the main features such as hairline, forehead, chin, cheekbones, face length and jawline. 
By Mirror: Another easier way is to stand in front of the mirror and draw the outline of your face around the reflection using a lipstick or a temporary marker. The figure thus drawn will help you determine the shape of your face. 
Face Shapes and the Most Suited Eyeglasses for Each of Them
Round: In this shape, the face looks circular. The forehead and chin are both rounded while the cheekbones are wider. The most suitable eyeglasses frames for this shape are wayfarer, rectangle and cat-eye.
Oval: This shape is highlighted as ovular because the jawline is slightly wider than the top of the head, but the forehead is larger than the jawline. The cheekbones are also wide. The edges are soft. The best-suited frame styles for this face shape are wayfarer, oval, aviator and cat-eye.
Square: Faces in this shape have a broader forehead, the jawline is strong, the chin is prominent and the cheekbones are squared off. In totality, all these parts appear to form a square. The eyeglass frames that look great on this face shape are round, oval, cat-eye and aviator.
Oblong: This shape is a slightly longer and narrower version of an oval-shaped face. While the forehead and cheekbones remain broader and wider respectively, the chin is slightly smaller. The edges of the face are soft and round, making the shape look like that of an egg kept upside down. Rectangular frames suit this face shape the most.
Heart: This shape appears as an inverted triangle with a broader forehead but a much narrower and pointed chin. The complete face length is also shorter, along with smaller cheekbones. Cat-eye and round frames are most apt for this face shape.
Diamond: This shape is determined by a pointed chin, wider cheekbones and a narrower hairline. The face length in this shape is the longest. Rectangle, oval and clubmaster are the best frames suited for this face shape.
Generally, the face shapes of men have been broadly classified into seven categories, including round, oval, square, oblong, heart and diamond.