About Maui Jim

Maui Jim is the premium brand of sunglasses which covers all the aspects and purposes of wearing shades. It is an American company which originated at Hawaii in 1987, and later shifted to the mainland States in 1991. The brand currently produces both non-prescription and prescription lenses, including bifocal for their in-house designs.

Why choose Maui Jim sunglasses?

Maui Jim sunglasses carry PolarizedPlus2 technology based lenses which wipe away 99.9% of the glare coming from any surface. These lenses give a 100% protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun, and boost natural colours to give an impeccable viewing experience.

What is PolarizedPlus2 technology?

PolarizedPlus2 technology gives Maui Jim lenses a multi-layer advantage over normal lenses. Following are the multi-layers which comprise all the lenses from the house of this international eyewear brand:

    The Waterproof layer casts off water and snow from the lenses. The Oleophobic coating makes it easy to wipe off any greasy substances like smudges and fingerprints away from the front and the back of the lens.
    The Anti-Reflective Treatment layer blocks all light reflections and annoying glare to provide a clean and clear viewing experience, keeping all eye fatigue at bay.
    Available in MauiPure, Maui Evolution and Polycarbonate lenses only, the Clearshell Treatment lengthens the life and performance of the lenses by adding a scratch-resistant layer on the front and the rear side of the lenses.
    Maui Jim lenses are optically correct, distortion-free and are made of feature-patented technology to infuse a comfortable viewing experience with bright and accurate colours.
    The polarizing film is responsible for eliminating reflected glares from any flat, smooth or shiny surface, thus giving the wearer a much crisper view. The Polarizing film makes it possible to see even below the surface of water, displaying colours more vividly. The better the polarizing film, the better is the vision clarity. The high-quality Polarizing films are manufactured by Mitsubishi, which also supplies films for cars.
    The Bi-Gradient layer is a protective mirror inserted at the top and bottom of the lenses further keeping all the light reflection away from your sensitive eyes.
    MauiGradient is a trademark application which is inserted at the top of the lens, which gradually gets lighter towards the lower end. With MauiGradient, only appropriate amount of light is allowed to filter through certain areas, while less light is filtered through places where protection is more prominent, thus saving the eyes from overhead glares more efficiently.

Lens options available in Maui Jim

With Maui Jim, users can go for different types of lenses which cater to individual needs and have their own plus points.

  • SuperThin (ST) Glass:
    This provides the best optical experience. ST Glass is more durable, scratch-resistant, 20% thinner and lighter in weight than the standard, laminated glass lenses, thus, delivering a more comfortable wearing experience.
  • MauiPure:
    These lenses are created to serve the purpose of solving an everyday active wearability experience. MauiPure lenses are trademarked by Maui Jim and are the best choice for long days in the sun because of their light weight, scratch and impact resistance. These lenses are Injection Molded to deliver the crispest viewing experience next to glasses, in that the colour is injected into the lens in a way that it still gives you the colourless clarity of a plain glass.
  • Polycarbonate:
    Polycarbonate lenses are the best option against intense activities and can endure protection against uncalled-for breakage instances.
  • Maui Evolution:
    Maui Evolution combines the best attributes of ST Glass and Polycarbonate in the form of a scratch and impact-resistant lens which delivers a high performance optical experience at the same time.

Maui Jim prescription sunglasses

With Maui Jim sunglasses you can opt for prescription sunglasses ranging from the power +3 to -6.5. Prescription sunglasses are made in USA and are delivered after a 15 days buffer time of placing an order with accurate information enlisted. These are high quality and heavy duty sunglasses which can be worn by users having weakened vision. Combined with the PolarizedPlus2 technology, users get unmatched clarity with the clear vision experience and the most vivid colors viewed as they are.