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Once we receive your order, our team brings out your prescription eyeglasses and the chosen frame from the warehouse.
Then the frames of eyeglasses go through stringent quality checks to avoid any manufacturing defect, and other defects in material, colour and dimensions.
FITTING AND QUALITY CHECK The frames and lenses are then brought together by our fitting team.
Our dexterous fitters ensure:
.The material is hypoallergenic and light-weight
.Colour of the frame remains uniform
. Smoothness and symmetry of the nose pad and temples
. Flexible temples to ensure the best fit

POWER CHECK With the help of digital lensometers, we check the power in the following steps:.
. Lensometer determines the spherical and cylindrical power and the distance between the centers of the lenses.
. It avoids errors during measurement.
. We print and attach your lensometer report with the order to avoid confusion .
Our optometrists check the accuracy so that you get only what you have asked for.
PACKAGING We then carefully pack the fitted eyeglasses in a high quality case..
A fibre cloth is provided to keep the eyeglasses clean.
Last but not the least, our delivery does not rest until we deliver your eyeglasses at your doorstep. You get them at a world-class quality at an unbeatable price.