Lenskart Gold Membership
Terms & Conditions
  • ‣ Membership is valid for 365 days from date of purchase
  • ‣ Membership is applicable on app, web 400+ stores & home try on service.
  • ‣ Share Membership with family by sharing your phone number with them. This phone number will also act as your Membership number.
  • ‣ Buy 1 Get 1 Offer applicable only on Vincent Chase & John Jacobs; not valid on other brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Carrera etc. & Contact Lenses.
  • ‣ LK Gold Membership cannot be returned or refunded.
  • ‣ Both products need to be added to cart to avail logo discount.
  • ‣ On Bifocal & Progressive Lenses discount will be 50% on 2nd pair.
  • ‣ With Membership, maximum of 5 orders can be placed per month.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Gold membership?
Gold is Lenskart's Annual Membership program
What are the 4 key benefits of Gold Membership ?
Following are the key 4 benefits of Gold available to the customers:
a. Gold membership benefits are valid for 365 days starting from your current purchase today.
b. Gold members can get Buy one get one free offer starting from their current purchase. One can buy two eyeglasses or one eyeglass and one sunglass
c. Gold membership benefits can be enjoyed on 500+ Lenskart stores, Lenskart website and mobile application as well.
d. Gold membership benefits can be shared with your friends and family
How many times can I use the membership ?
5 times a month and upto 12 times a year
Can this membership be used at other stores or on the website and app also ?
Yes, across 500+ stores, the lenskart website & the Lenskart Mobile App
Will I get a membership card or membership number with Gold ? How do I avail the membership ?
You don’t need a membership card. Your mobile number is all that you need - that's your gold membership number; its all that you need to quote to avail membership benefits
Can I share the membership with my friends or family ? Can they use the same membership ?
Absolutely. Your Gold membership benefits can be shared with friends & family; all they need is your phone number
How long is the membership valid ?
365 days from the date of purchase
Why is there no Buy One Get One on branded products like Rayban, Oakley, etc. ?
BOGO is only applicable on our in house brands like - VC and JJ. Branded products like Rayban or Oakley are owned by private labels who control their pricing
Can I club Sunglasses with an Eye glass or both of the pairs have to be eyeglasses ?
Absolutely. With Gold membership you can buy two eyeglasses or one eyeglass & one sunglass under the BOGO offer
Is this price a one time payment ?
Yes, valid for 365 days from the date of the purchase
Can this membership be returned or refunded ?
Unfortunately no. Gold membership can't be returned or refunded
What is the tax applicable on the membership ?
18% GST
Can I use membership with LK cash in the same order ?
Yes, Lenskart cash can be used along with the Gold Membership
Is Bogo applicable on bifocals & progressives ?
BOGO is applicable only to single vision eyeglasses. With Gold Membership the customer can get 50% discount on the 2nd pair of Bifocal or Progressives
So if I buy membership with 1500 for Anti glare I will pay 1500 for lenses and 600 for membership. So what is the benefit if I am still paying almost half the price for second Eye glass ?
If you bought two eyeglasses without gold membership you will pay 1500 rupees for the first pair and another 1500 rupees for the second pair; a total of 3000 rupees. With Gold membership you pay 1500 rupees for the first product + 600 rupees for the gold membership and the 2nd product is free; in all 2100 rupees for two products saving 900 on the same purchase + gold membership benefits for the next 365 days. This means you are getting second pair for 900 less (1500-600) and you are recovering the cost of the gold membership in the same purchase
What are the benefits applicable on Tokai and Rodenstock on second pair ?
With Gold Membership the customer can get 50% discount on the 2nd pair of Tokai or Rodenstock eyeglasses
What happens if you buy two products of different prices ?
In case you buy two products of different prices, lower priced product is free
Is Gold membership valid on any pair of products I buy in the future ?
No, Gold membership is not applicable on Contact Lenses & branded products but it is applicable on a wide variety of products under - Vincent Chase & John Jacobs