KLAR Lenses

KLAR is a renowned name for lenses from the house of LENSKART that embody both high technological expertise and the aspiration to provide our patients with perfection at all times. These are branded lenses with genuine Anti-reflective coating with 1 year warranty on the coating.

Lenskart offers a complete range of ophthalmic lenses and coatings that meet the highest vision standards of patient care. Our vision is that every Indian has access to world class spectacles, at prices within their reach.

Lenskart is at the forefront of innovative lens designs and technologies to keep eye care practices at the leading edge of vision care. All KLAR lenses are designed to ensure easy handling – both by the eye care specialist and by the spectacle wearer.

These lenses are made from State-of-the-art machinery imported from LOH, Coburn, Balzers and Satis Vacuum. These are lenses which have ISI specification and which also meet International standards including DIN of Germany, FDA of USA

Features of KLAR lenses-

  • Scratch-resistance / hard coating
  • Anti-reflection
  • Safety
  • Thin & Light
  • Breakage resistant

KLAR provide single vision, bifocal and multifocal lenses at unbeatable prices, and with professional and responsive customer service to handle each customer’s every need.

KLAR progressive lens have a proven track record of success with wide near and intermediate zones and soft periphery for fast adaptation, superior comfort and undisturbed natural vision at all distances

Today after 3 years of giving the best vision to our customers, we can say KLAR as a brand has proven to be among the best lens coating and design irrespective of any prescription or age group.