Product Description

Bausch & Lomb iConnect:Left Eye (OD)
Youth buys products that reflect their coolness quotient. For a Brand to be cool among youth,it must convey an image that it is desirable and inspirational to them What is the youth looking for in Contact lenses??? * Comfortable to wear. * Low cost of forst purchase. * From a trusted brand Benefits * Easy handling * Optimal comfort. * Value of money. i-Connect Unique features.. 1) With first fit Guarantee 2) Priced at only 350 for 90 days 3) Hygienic 4)Comfortable to wear 5) Easy to handle

Technical Information

Brand NameBausch & Lomb
Product TypeContact Lens


SizeSize (Size Chart)
Weight1.0000 (Learn More)
Weight GroupAverage (Learn More)
Prescription TypeBifocal / Progressive

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Bausch & Lomb iConnect:Left Eye (OD)