Width 127 mm
Style Standard
Color Grey
MEASURE 50-17-135

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Gunmetal Aqua Blue Half Rim Rectangle Vincent Chase Online SIZE ZERO VC E10433-C4 Eyeglasses

Ever craved for a celeb look but were petrified of the extensive high prices? Have these budget friendly Gunmetal Aqua Blue Half Rim Rectangle Eyeglasses by Vincent Chase and break your inhibitions. A super-smart pair which reveals your nerdy side, let you reveal more of your face. These modish pair of eyeglasses are crafted with one of the most durable frame materials - Stainless Steel add both attractiveness and class to your overall look.

A style that has graciously derived from the venerable era - will go very well with oblong face-cuts making your face look more toned down and balanced. From Jennifer Aniston to Christina Hendricks, rectangle frames have come a long way in beautifying the eyes of celebs, so why don't you try it today?

Get your hands on these exclusive eyeglasses from Size Zero Collection by Vincent Chase, which includes a wide range of slim, lightweight and long-lasting frames for your eyes. Vincent Chase is a collection of trendy eyewear designs that gives you visual acuity and make your lives more comfortable.