all your doubts resolved
  • Ques 1. I’m not sure about the size and fit of the frames.
    Ans. At Lenskart, we offer glasses in 3 sizes – small, medium, and large. Click the ‘Frame Size’ link at the bottom of the page to know your size. ~80-90% of our customers find a medium size frame to be the best fit.
  • Ques 2. What if I buy glasses & they don’t fit me? What if the lenses aren’t right ?
    Ans. Don’t worry! It is our responsibility to get the perfect pair of glasses. In the rare circumstance that your glasses don’t fit properly, we make it extremely easy for you to exchange or return the frames, with lenses. If you face any difficulty, just call us at 99998-99998 We have a No Questions Asked Return Policy - 14 Days for Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses and 7 Days for Sunglasses & Clips On. We provide instant money back or store credit on return. *Please refer to T&C of Return Policy for the same
  • Ques 3. Will the glasses have my prescription?
    Ans. You can buy glasses fitted with your prescription or even the frames standalone. We custom-make glasses with single vision, bifocal, or progressive prescriptions across all powers. Our glasses are ~50% cheaper than market average, since we bypass intermediaries – and best of all, we charge the same price, regardless of your power!
  • Ques 4. Will Lenskart be able to make my complex power?
    Ans. At Lenskart, we stock all powers – simple and complex. The unique robotic technology used in our lab ensures that the most complex powers are fitted perfectly, ensuring 100% error-free glasses. Our 10 lakh+ customers can vouch for the precision with which we make the eyeglasses!
  • Ques 5. Where do I submit my eye power details?
    Ans. You can submit your power details after you complete your purchase. We offer multiple options to provide your prescription to us – upload a picture, enter it online, or call us at 99998-99998
  • Ques 6. I don’t have my prescription handy. Is it important to give it right away?
    Ans. It’s ok if you don’t have your prescription handy while placing the order. Simply place the order for the frame and provide your power using the links provided in the SMS and email that we send you, post order completion. It’s that simple!
  • Ques 7. I don’t know what my prescription is. Can Lenskart help?
    Ans. Lenskart offers OPTO, a Home Eye Check-up service to help you ascertain your eye power. Select the ’Home Eye Check-up ‘option after check-out or on our homepage, pick a time that is convenient and our trained optometrists will be there to assist you! [Note: Available in metro cities only]
  • Ques 8. I really, really want to try the frames on before making a purchase!
    Ans. Unsure? Use our 3D Try-on! Feature – click ‘3D Try-on!’ on the product page of your chosen frame, follow the instructions, and see a 180 degree view of yourself with your chosen frames! Share with your friends and family to find the perfect pair! In addition, we offer a unique ‘Free Home Trial’ service, across India. Select up to 5 frames (from our non-free frame categories) and our delivery executive will bring them to your doorstep for trial! Click here to try frames!
  • Ques 9. How can I be sure of the quality of the frames?
    Ans. Quality is at the core of Lenskart’s products. Our plastic frames are made from the best quality acetate and our metal frames are made only from steel or titanium – this makes our glasses corrosion and breakage resistant. We also offer a 1 year warranty on all our glasses – in case you have any issues, call us, and we’ll make sure it gets resolved!
  • Ques 10. What lenses will you use? I use thin, anti-glare lenses.
    Ans. We understand that a pair of glasses is only as good as the lenses fitted in them. Most anti-glare lenses cost between Rs.1,500 - 2,000 at your local optician. At that price we give you robotically fitted, anti-glare lenses, with a 1.6 index which is ~35% thinner than market average. In addition we offer UV-400 protection on all our lenses, similar to what is provided in contact lenses across Europe and the USA
  • Ques 11. I haven’t heard of some of the brands available. How does Lenskart determine which brands to stock?
    Ans. All the brands sold on Lenskart are chosen after carefully looking at their product quality, manufacturing processes, and customer service. There are some brands which we have brought to Indian from countries such as Italy, to introduce them to the Indian market and you to their superior products.
  • Ques 12. How many days will they take to make my eyeglasses?
    Ans. We promise to deliver your purchases to you as quickly as possible. We dispatch your order within ~5-12 days of order confirmation (and receipt of your prescription, if needed), based on the products ordered. It takes 2-5 days to get delivered to you post-dispatch, based on your location. Click here to know more
  • Ques 13. I don’t like what I have purchased! What is your return policy?
    Ans. We have a No Questions Asked Return Policy - 14 Days for Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses and 7 Days for Sunglasses & Clips On Click here to know more.
  • Ques 14. What makes Lenskart a Direct-To-Consumer brand?
    Ans. Being a Direct to Consumer brand for Lenskart means that eyewear comes straight from our factories to your doorstep. We design, manufacture and distribute our eyewear, without the interference of any middlemen. This means no extra costs, a complete control over quality and being in direct contact with the consumers to provide the best experience at every step.
  • Ques 15. What does Lenskart mean by ‘no middleman’?
    Ans.A traditional pair of eyewear comes attached with extra cost of manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and distributors. Lenskart cuts out these middlemen by designing, manufacturing and distributing our own eyewear. This enables Lenskart to pass on the savings to the consumer and have complete control over quality.
  • Ques 16. Why are Lenskart glasses more affordable?
    Ans.Lenskart offers frames that are priced correctly without sacrificing quality using a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model. This means that we design, manufacture and distribute glasses straight to you, with no middlemen interfering. Hence, with complete control over the cost and styles, we ensure that purchase becomes a steal deal!