FAQs: Power/Prescription Sunglasses

Ques 1. What is Power/Prescription Sunglasses?
Ans. Sunglass can provide protection for eyes with power. If you are in need of power for reading, writing, playing or for other activities you can choose not to wear a general glass. You can also wear a sunglass with power. Prescription sunglasses are made according to the prescription of the eye specialists. They prescribe the lenses and you can get one sunglass with the specification for you. They can offer sunglasses with regular eyeglasses. These sunglasses can provide more protection.
Ques 2. What are the benefits of having Power/Prescription Sunglasses over normal eyeglasses?
Ans. These sunglasses can provide more protection then eyeglasses. They look like normal sunglasses, so you do not have to leave the stylish look for your eye protection needs. You don’t have to feel odd one out who can’t wear sunglasses, while all your other friends wear them and flaunt different looks for different occasions.
Ques 3. What are the different varieties available in this category and where can I buy one?
Ans. On Lenskart, we provide 200+ different styles and shapes to choose from. You can find a pair of sunglasses for every occasion. Just go to the link provided below.
Ques 4. Would there be any change in final product in terms of lens color & size?
Ans. The product will look exactly the same as shown in the website
Ques 5. How to buy these? How would I provide power?
Ans. Step by step guide:
  1. Go to the link provided below
  2. Select a sunglasses of your choice from that page and go to the product detail page by clicking that product
  3. You can also see virtually, how they will look on you by trying our try online feature on product detail page. Just upload your picture and try online
  4. After you have finalized a product of your choice, click on ‘ADD POWER’ button(just on the right of ‘BUY NOW’ button) on product detail page
  5. Select a lens package of your choice from multiple packages
  6. Your cart will be now ready, proceed to checkout
  7. Do not worry about providing the power to us, while checking out you can just select the method through which you want to provide us the power. Once the order is complete you can provide the details of your power
  8. While checking out you can apply whichever coupon code is best for you in terms of value on final payment page where you select payment method
  9. Now once you have placed the order you can provide your power to us by whichever method you have selected
Ques 6. What are the power limitations in Power/Prescription sunglasses?
Ans. These are the limitations-
For Aviators:
SPH: -3.00 to +3.00
CYL: -1.50 to +3.00
For all others:
SPH: -6.00 to +3.00
CYL: -3.75 to +3.00
Ques 7. Would there be any change in final product in terms of lens color & size?
Ans. The product will be exactly the same as it looks on the website after power addition.
Ques 8. Are there any branded products available in this category?
Ans. These sunglasses are available in different brands. Ray Ban, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, John Jacobs, Fossil etc are some of the brands that provide prescription/power sunglasses.
Ques 9. How good are these products provided by the Lenskart as compared to other brands providing these products? Why should I buy these from Lenskart?
Ans. Benefits of buying from Lenskart over any other brand:
  1. We provide a wide variety of shapes, size and color to choose from.
  2. We provide multiple lens packages according to your different needs which are not available in any other brand.
  3. You can virtually try our product on website to have a feel of how they would look on your face.
  4. Our policies regarding return and replacements are very customer friendly.
  5. We provide great discounts and reward points, which you can avail to get the best price on best products in market.

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