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About Sunglasses

No matter what the season might be, one doesn’t really need a reason to flaunt a pair of stylish sunglasses. Available in an assorted range and variety of styles, patterns and colours, sunglasses have established a wide market for themselves and are here to stay for a long time. Buy sunglasses online through Lenskart.com and choose from a wide range of over 1,500 sunglasses.

Available in different shapes, sizes, colours and frames, the price range of sunglasses at Lenskart.com is from Rs. 350 to Rs. 27,950. Lenskart.com assures you the best sunglasses online shopping experience. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad or any other city, buy sunglasses online with ease with Lenskart.

Major Brands under Sunglasses Category

  • Ray-Ban - The uber stylish eyewear was founded in the year 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. The first Ray-Ban sunglasses were designed for the U.S. Army Air Corp. The Ray-Ban glasses are highly famous for their Aviator and Wayfarer styles.
  • Oakley - Oakley sunglasses are widely known for its innovative product line. The sunglass define a unique appeal which is both stylish and captivating. Oakley sunglasses have set the market standards higher with their beckoning range of designs and have taken the industry on to a niche level.
  • John Jacobs - Hand-crafted with perfection for the thinkers and achievers, John Jacobs is a premium eyewear brand with a classy range of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Its sunwear appeal to the mature minds and people looking for world-classes, fashionable eyewear at accessible price points. Huge collection of Sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women
  • Fastrack sunglasses: Targeting the urban youth, fastrack launched its new range of sunglasses with unique & affordable designs in 2005. The popularity of fastrack sunglasses amongst the urban youth has remained unparalleled over the years. The youth connect with the unconventional designs of fastrack sunglasses that have become their USP.
  • Carrera sunglasses: One amongst the five important in-house brands of Safilo, Carrera is ruling the eyewear segment for the last so many years. Not just sunglasses but also their prescription frames have made a strong place in the heart of the buyers.
  • IDEE sunglasses: Established by Ronak Optik India Pvt. Ltd. in 1995, this brand has become synonymous with high-end youth fashion. Showcasing a perfect blend of style and sophistication, IDEE sunglasses are quite popular amongst today’s generation. Further, the supreme quality of their sunglasses adds to their value.
  • Tom Ford sunglasses: Formerly associated with the Gucci group, Tom Ford launched his own brand in 2004 after his own name. It hit the market with its amazing eyewear collection in 2005. Today, Tom Ford sunglasses have become the new name for luxurious fashion. Moreover, with high focus on quality, this brand has made a strong hold on the world of sunglasses.
  • Vogue sunglasses: Offering variety of colours and designs, Vogue sunglasses have turned into a great fashion accessory. The trendy collection of Vogue Sunglasses connects with the present generation that loves to be recognised for their style. 

Different types of Sunglasses

  • Wayfarer- Wayfarer sunglasses are among the most preferred eyewear styles, not just of the youth and old alike, but also the celebrities.
  • Aviator- From Dabangg Salman Khan to dapper Shah Rukh Khan and Tom Cruise, there’s no dearth of celebrities who are fans of Aviators Sunglasses. From tear drop shape to bubble wrap and oversized, Aviators also offer a lot of variety.
  • Oversized- Though bold in their size, these phenomenal sunglasses are considered a hot pick among the eyewear lovers. They usually come in bright colours.
  • Rimless- Rimless sunglasses are considered a hot fashion accessory these days. They are slick, stylish and effectively protect your eyes from all harmful factors such as dust, direct light and harmful sunrays.
  • Full rim- Full rim sunglasses are especially designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. The perfect structural base covers the entire portion of the eyes. A pair of full-rimmed shades adds a vintage appeal to one’s look and gives you a very stylish and sophisticated edge.


Bestselling Sunglasses Prices Online in India 2018 on Lenskart.com


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Blue Aviator Shape Vincent Chase POPSTAR Sunglasses Rs. 999
Matte Black Green Yellow Aviator Shape Vincent Chase POPSTAR Sunglasses Rs. 999
Grey Round Shape Vincent Chase LE CIRQUE Sunglasses Rs. 999
Grey Rectangle Shape John Jacobs Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 3500
Grey Aviator Shape John Jacobs Polarized Sunglasses Rs. 3500
Ray-Ban RB3025 Golden Green Unisex Sunglasses Rs. 5391
Ray-Ban RB3432 Golden Green Sunglasses Rs. 3861
Sky Blue Round Shape Bond Street John Jacobs Sunglasses Rs. 3500
Grey Aviator Shape Mask Sand & Sun Sunglasses Rs. 499
Blue Transparent Round Shape Vincent Chase Rockstars Sunglasses Rs. 499


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Buy sunglass online at Lenskart.com to have an experience of a lifetime. You can choose from a wide range of styles, shapes, colours, patterns and sizes and enhance your sunglasses online shopping experience with a host of discounts and sales to benefit from. Order goggles online from a vast range of products, styles and patterns and buy a pair of branded shades online from the portal. The cash-on-delivery mode of payment assures sale as well as optimum customer satisfaction. Lenskart.com also provides their privileged customers with free shipping, cancellation facility and 14-day return option. The objective is to make the whole process of sunglasses online shopping and buying of products like goggles online convenient.

Top Rated Goggles and Sunglasses

Irrespective of season, sunglasses are an evergreen fashion accessory. While during warm season they are much-needed, these save us from harmful UV rays even during winters when people fancy strolling in the sun for long hours. Sunglasses, on the other side, have become sexier and bolder than ever. With designers experimenting with fun colours and eccentric designs, sunglasses trend has witnessed the most outstanding revolution this year. Hence, if shopping a new pair of sunglasses is on your mind, we enumerate here a list of top 10 cool sunglasses that will give your look a standout makeover.

Classic Mirrored Aviators

Classic aviators have taken a never before look when proffered with mirrored lenses. Yes, aviator frame and tinted lenses are the next big thing on the block. Even with this combination, one can try myriad other variations. Double bridges and metal frames add to make these sunglasses even cooler.

Original Wayfarer

Available in various styles and takes, the original wayfarer still remains the best type to go for this season. Having been adorned by the most stylish people known, they lend a very gentleman look on men. And as fabulous these sunglasses look on men, they look equaling alluring on women. Streamlined and urbane, they being in the top 10 sunglasses of the year is no surprise to us.

Tortoiseshell Overlay

Tortoiseshell hue is the new vogue. Brands are employing this overlay comprehensively on the frames. Popular frames such as wayfarer, cat eyes or clubmaster are coming in tortoiseshell coloration. And when people like Johnny Depp sport it, it apparently becomes a fad. With now so much in craze, one can effortlessly fancy this beguiling coloration in their favourite frame style.

Translucent Frames

So cool and fresh, clear frames are the newest thing in the sunglasses arena. Steezy cat eyes, cosmopolitan wayfarers or round frames, you have myriad options when it comes to translucent frames. With top brands introducing exclusive collections of this frame type, they are extensively covering the fashion zone, making to the top 10 sunglasses of the year.

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are making a major change in the fashion world these days. Top celebrities and stars have quintessentially added this frame type to their style arsenal. Oversized frames again saw a huge elevation in popularity when international fashion weeks celebrated this frame type colourfully. So, while you shop for sunglasses now, make sure this frame type embellish your cart.

Round Sunglasses

Reminiscent of the style of John Lennon, round sunglasses have made a refreshing comeback in the recent times. Minimalist round glasses, round sunglasses with brow bar and rimless round frames, brands are leaving no stones unturned to give revitalizing touch to this classic frame type.

Double Bridge

Having mentioned it a number of times already, double bridge sunglasses nnies are amongst the top sunglasses styles this year. Where double bridge makes outstanding sunglasses style for men, cat eyes with double bridge are optimum sunglasses option for women. Having reaped recognition from celebs, bloggers and influencers, double bridges have become an archetypal part of the sunglasses world.

Geometrical Frames

From runway to movies and Page 3 parties to airport looks, geometric frames are all over the place. Hexagonal shapes, revived cat eyes, oversized square silhouette and narrow rectangle contour, diverse shapes with diverse patterns will leave you overwhelmed. These sunnies are not just refreshing in themselves but they also refresh your entire look.

Sunglasses with Coloured Glasses

Coloured glasses? Well, one would wonder what’s new in this style. New is the array of hues now available. Colours such as rose, pink and yellow, ones that have never before adorned glasses, are making major appearances in the sunglasses dome now. Giving you an uber chic and cool look, sport coloured glasses with utmost style and vogue.

Prints and Patterns

Last but not the least, prints and patterns make the most understated and adorable sunglasses style of this year. In numerous hues and designs, both men and women are wearing and loving this style option. From minimalist looks to more modernized designs, these have found a place in the hearts of people with different tastes and style.

Cooling Glasses

Even though sunglasses have become a fashion accessory today, their main purpose is to protect one's eyes from the harmful radiations of the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun not only damages the skin but also harms the eyes.

The sun's rays comprise of two different types of ultraviolet radiations, long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet B (UVB). UVA rays enter the skin while UVB rays burn the outer skin layer. Both these rays are equally harmful to the eyes as contact with them can cause blurred vision, cataract and astigmatism. Dark glasses prevent these harmful radiations.

Sunlight causes glare, which leads to a loss of depth perception and other problems related to vision. For reducing glare from bright reflective surfaces like water, land and snow, polarized goggles are used. Polarized shades are different from tinted ones in the sense that tinted lenses are not able to completely protect one's eyes from the harsh glare regardless of how dark they are.

Not all shades have UV protection, so it is best to check out the specifications first. While polarized glasses are not suitable for viewing LCD displays, they are great for outdoor sports. Cooling glasses are useful for reducing headache and eye strain when one is out in the sun. Just as sunglasses are colloquially known as sunnies in Australia, New Zealand and Britain, cooling glasses are used as a synonym for shades in Southern India. There are two major reasons: the first being, dark shades are able to protect the eyes from the sun; and secondly, the name works as a pun in a playful way that denotes a stylish demeanor.

Cooling glasses provide comfort to the eyes. Certain colours on cooling glasses enhance visibility and depth perception on different occasions and are worn accordingly. Shades can help while driving and are great for reading outside.


Goggles at Lenskart.com come in a wide assortment of styles and colours that not only cater to one’s individual fashion sensibility, but also serve a variety of different purposes. Apart from protecting one’s eyes from the harsh glare of the sun, goggles also come in a variety of different lens technologies and fits. These goggles are designed to keep your eyes healthy while you go out for different kinds of outdoor activities. Before buying a pair of branded goggles, here are the facets that you should consider.



You can choose from a variety of styles while buying your first pair. There are various vintage styles such as aviator-shaped, wayfarers, browline, cat-eye, round, square, rectangular, and square available in several colours and sizes. Here are some of the most popular styles:

  • Aviator-shaped goggles are versatile and go with most looks. You can sport them with denims or can pair them with suits depending on the occasion. The classic ones with darker lens tints in dark green and black, and the sleek frames in gold, black, and silver can be paired with most outfits for a classic look. There are several modern reiterations of the teardrop shaped goggles. The modern branded goggles come in thick frames in acetate which has tortoise shell patterns and gradient lenses perfect which goes with smart casual attire. The mirrored aviator-shaped goggles are also highly trendy as they come in a variety of elegant colours.

  • Wayfarer-shaped goggles are always trendy and they come in many colours. The classic ones come in bulky frame designs in black, and they can be sported with any casual attire. The recent ones come in pastel hues, dual coloured, and transparent frame designs that elegantly match with the mirrored lenses and various gradient tints. These are highly fashion-forward and can be sported according to different occasions.

  • Round goggles are the most retro looking of all. The modern variants come with additional flattop bars and suave frame colours. Branded goggles also come in thicker frame designs with tortoise shell patterns or transparent frames that complement the suave colours on the gradient, as well as mirrored lenses. Some of these round goggles also come in half rimmed designs.

  • Cat-eye goggles are a timeless eyewear fashion accessory among women. These silhouettes are available in angular and rounded frame designs. The modern variants are available in several suave colours in sleek and thick frame designs. These branded goggles come in elegant lens tints, as well as in several gradient colours that have stylish embellishments on the frames and temples. These cat-eye goggles can be sported with many outfits from casuals to formals. However, it is important to keep in mind to choose the colours and designs that blend differently with the choice of outfits.


  • UV Protection Lenses: Protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun is important at all costs, as too much exposure increases the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. A popular mistaken belief is that darker lenses can protect one’s eyes from UV radiation. It is always important to consider sporting a pair with 100% UV protection. Branded goggles that come with 100% UV protection block out the harmful UVA and UVB light, and are categorized as ‘UV 400’ should be worn.

  • Polarized Lenses: Glare from reflective surfaces makes viewing difficult. Polarized lenses have a coat of special film of chemical that filter the light from surfaces that create glare. Goggles that do not have polarized lenses allow light to pass through both in the horizontal and vertical direction. On the other hand, polarized lenses block out the horizontal light and allow the vertical light to pass through. These lenses increases depth perception and colour perception, by adding more contrast to the field of one’s vision. They are also ideal for driving and water sport activities, as they significantly eliminate reflection and reduce eye strain. Polarized goggles also eliminate a lot of vision distortion while one is outdoors.

    Polarized lenses in various colours are available in all the popular styles of branded goggles. It is important to consider choosing a pair of branded goggles which have polarized lenses along with 100% UV protection.

  • Mirrored Lenses: Mirrored lenses are highly fashionable and they come in a variety of funky colours. These lenses restrict the amount of light, which enter the eyes and reflect light away from the eyes. These lenses have thin layers of reflective coatings that are referred to as mirror or flash coatings that give the appearance of mirrors. Goggles with mirrored lenses are ideal for reducing glare and provide a brighter vision. Mirrored goggles are also ideal for sporting activities which lasts for a longer duration. Branded goggles are much more scratch resistant and are more durable. It is important to sport a pair of branded goggles, with mirrored lenses that come with 100% UV protection.

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