Cleaning Wipes

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Cleaning wipes for clean eyewear

What is that one eyewear accessory without which you just can’t think of stepping out of your house? It’s cleaning wipes for sure. Those who have grown up with glasses know the problem of cleaning lenses every time when it is foggy outside or it’s raining. Here comes cleaning wipes from Lenskart to ensure scratch proof cleaning. Even when you are wearing sunglasses, the glasses need to be crystal clear always. Cleaning wipes from Lenskart ensure complete cleaning with feathery touch. 


While choosing cleaning wipes for your eyewear, you need to be very careful as they come in direct contact with the glasses. Various features of cleaning wipes on Lenskart are:-

  • Soft cloths for scratch proof cleaning
  • Best in class quality
  • Feathery touch.

Lenskart for all cleaning wipes

Get a crystal clear view by cleaning your eyewear with cleaning wipes on Lenskart. These cleaning wipes on Lenskart are made of materials that ensure soft feather touch to prevent any chance of scratch. So, why to wait? Keep your eyewear clean always with these soft wipes.