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Teen (10-15 yrs)

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Being a teen

Young, enthusiastic and full of energy - aptly describes a teenager. A very sensitive age group, a teenager has a way of doing things differently, from their way of thinking to their fashion sense. And when it comes to flaunting their fashion sense, it is reflected even in their eyewear. At Lenskart, you will find a range of unique eyewear for teens. These spectacles are an amalgamation of trendy, cool and stylish designs. Whether you are a fashionista or a sports fanatic, Lenskart has the right pair for you.

Featuring the best

To define a teen's style statement, these spectacles consists of a number of designs that will enhance their look. They provide a wide variety of feature:

  • On-trend styles like  Wayfarers and Cat-eye styles are available. The basic rectangular is also available.
  • One can choose from a numerous colour pattern to find an expressive look that they’ll feel confident in.
  • These frames come in a variety of designs such as the layered effect, tortoise and so on.
  • Crafted with the Polycarbonate lenses, making them thin, light and shatter-resistant.
  • These specs are made with material which will provide durability, flexibility and ultra comfort. 

Buying one for you

Donning a stylish eyewear will definitely generate a new style statement. With cool trendy looks to flaunt and brag about, these eyeglasses will be a confidence booster for teens. The teenage is the period of life to experiment. So, experiment with a range of eyewear at Lenskart.com.