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Beyond just vision correction: Women eyeglasses that make you stylish!

Gone are the days when women were expected not to wear eyeglasses for cosmetic purposes. These days, women's fashion eyeglasses have become a necessity and they are not just aimed at vision improvement; the stylish spectacle design these days are customized to cater to the fashion needs of women who are conscious about their image as well as style. Eyeglasses for women have come a long way, these days you will get such a huge variety in frames online, that you will be completely spoilt for choice when shopping for fashionable women eyeglasses! You can choose from frames that have a full rim, half rim, or even rimless; in shapes you can go for round, oval, rectangle, square; frames also come in a variety of materials like plastic, acetate, stainless steel, etc. Oversized frames in women eyeglasses are also quite the rage in today’s time; not only do they completely protect your eyes from dust, pollution, blue light, glare, but they also offer a unique vintage vibe to the wearer.

Full rim eyeglasses are a classic choice for most women, the reason being that these frames are quite durable and convenient as they don’t need as much care as rimless eyeglasses. Half rim spectacles fill the gap between full rim women eyeglasses and rimless eyeglasses. These frames are durable, but at the same time lighter than full rim spectacles. Rimless eyeglasses have actually come a long way and the notion that they are not very durable wrong. Companies pay full attention to durability while creating rimless frames and hence there should be apprehension in buying lightweight and user-friendly rimless eyeglasses. Other classic shapes that are evergreen in the market of Popular women eye glasses are rectangle, wayfarer, and the iconic Cat Eye. Rectangle frames are preferred by many as they are quite understated because they don’t take the attention away from your face. Wayfarer eyeglasses have also found a space in women's designer eyeglasses market, thanks to the line of celebs who keep sporting them day after day. Another reason for the success of Wayfarer is its universal appeal: spectacles in this shape flatter faces of every shape, every colour, and every nationality!

Last but not the least, in terms of shapes, one style that cannot be afforded a miss the super-sultry Cat Eye. Made famous by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Cat Eye eyeglasses ooze an unmistakable retro vibe. This feisty shape suits female faces very aptly.

Online shopping for women eyeglasses: How to choose which frames suits you?

As is evident, the variety when it comes to frames for women eyeglasses is endless. However, the big question is how does one choose a frame that flatters one’s personality as well as face shape? Well, we at Lenskart make it easy for you! Here is a quick cheat sheet to use when you are making a choice on women eyeglasses farmes trend:

Square shape eyeglasses: Simple and understated, go for square shapes when you want to keep your look simple!

Wayfarer eyeglasses: Cool and carefree! Go for the classic Wayfarer when you don’t want to put in much of an effort into looking good, this iconic shape is bound to take your style quotient up a notch with minimal effort!

Cat Eye frames: Sultry and sassy! Go for this retro shape when you want to make a dramatic statement with your eyewear!

Oversized frames: A la celebs like Paris Hilton, oversized frames are quite a hit with women these days. Go for these eyeglasses when you want to stand out and look distinctive in a crowd!

Square eyeglasses: Embrace your geeky side! Being a nerd isn’t bad anymore, in fact it being nerdy has become quite a trend these days, thanks to sitcoms like Big Bang Theory that glorify people with brains!

Log on, play on: Shop online on Lenskart for the best eyeglasses at the best prices!!!

The online shopping site Lenskart.com has in store for you the best when it comes to eyewear. Lenskart stocks an astounding range of women eyeglasses that suit every face shape possible. From affordable brands to the ones that offer exclusive eyeglasses for women online, Lenskart has a stock of every brand around: choose from Fastrack, Vincent Chase, FCUK, John Jacobs, Boss Orange, Carrera, Ray-Ban, Farenheit, etc. Get the most attractive offers and the best prices available online on Lenskart. The virtual Try On Studio is extremely helpful when it comes to trying out the myriad range of frames: from full rim, half rim, to rimless; from oval, round, square, oversized, Wayfarer, Aviator, Cat Eye to rectangle; from lenses that are polarized, to ones that ban out the glares!!! The range of choice online is endless. And if you still aren’t satisfied about whether a frame fits your face or not, all you need to do is order a quick free home trial.

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