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Eyeglasses are considered as one of the most necessary accessories these days.shape and angles along with variations of different shades of color are considered as the most necessary part for the fashion freaks. There are around seven basic face shapes like base-up triangle, diamond, round frames, oval frames, oblong,base-down triangle and square. One must choose a good frame of specs for himself or herself according to the face size. Angular narrow styles are quite popular among the people with rectangular faces. But it can be also worn by other people. Millions of frames are sold every year throughout the world. The customers always seek for quality and style in every product and frames are also not an exception. Frames that have more depth than width are popular among every age group. A base-down triangular face has a narrow forehead and widens at the cheek and chin areas. Such people can choose any kind of frame that appeals them most. Rimless and light colored frame specifically wider at bottom minimizes the width on the top portion of face. These frames are much liked by the people who have abroad forehead. Diamond-shaped faces are narrow at the jaw line and eye line, and cheekbones are often high and very theatrical and square face has a broad forehead with a strong jaw line and the length and width are balanced. Narrow frames styles are much preferable with these facial structures.

Unisex in India

eyeglasses frames are available as per the demand and need of the customers throughout the world. They are available as ,men eyeglasses,Women eyeglasses, Kids eyeglasses as well as Unisex eyeglasses. Sometimes it happens that people are not sure at the time of purchasing that who is going to wear the specs is either a male or of male. At such moment, the can choose Unisex glasses that can be worn by both male and female at any occasion. One can select his/her favorite option from a number of frames.

Branded Unisex Online

There are multiple brands of eyeglasses like Vincent Chase eyeglasses, Oakley eyeglasses, John Jacobs eyeglasses in the market and purchasing it through online is definitely the best option. You can easily select the best one as per your needs and budget limit. Unisex eyeglasses online offers you immense comfort where you can purchase the respective eyewear easily. Variety at easeier only possible if you buy branded unisex eyeglasses in India through Lenskart.com. Get yourself the best one as there are a number of shopping portals offering quality eyeglasses to their customers.

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