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Square-shaped faces

Square-shaped faces have prominent jawlines and cheekbones with the same width and height. To get a balanced look, one must consider sporting a pair of eyeglasses frames that are contrary to the face shape. On the other hand, square or rectangular spectacles frames with sharp angular edges give out a boxlike appearance.

Best glasses frames for square-shaped faces

  • Round spectacles: Both men and women with square-shaped faces can go for the vintage looking round chasma frames. These glasses frames balance out the strong jawlines and cheekbones of this face shape, and make the face look longer. Round spectacles come in many variations in thick acetate frame designs with colourful patterns that exude a highly contemporary appeal. For a bold retro look, men and women with this face shape can sport the ones that come in thin metal frames.

  • Cat-eye glasses: Cat-eye chasmas come in angular as well as rounded frame designs that are highly fashionable. Women with square-shaped faces can go for the rounded cat-eye specs as the upswept edges of these fashionable spectacles frames detract attention away from the broad forehead and soften the prominent jawlines and cheekbones. Cat-eye glasses that come with thick frame designs are ideal for this face shape.

  • Browline Chasmas: Browline glasses are highly fashionable among many as they give out a serious look with a laidback vibe. These top-heavy spectacle frames come with rounded and straight bottoms. The ones that come with slightly rounded bottoms perfectly complement square-shaped faces as they soften the noticeable cheekbones, jawlines and balance out the broad foreheads of square-shaped faces.

  • Oval Eyeglasses: These chic glasses come in full-rimmed and rimless frame designs that exude a highly fashionable and minimal vibe. The ones that come in thick acetate frames and colourful patterns give a bold look to all men and women with this face shape. Oval eyeglasses frames effortlessly soften the strong jawlines and high cheekbones and give a balanced look.