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Face shapes for eyeglasses

To find an ideal pair of glasses frames, one has to determine his/her face shape and size. It is essential to consider spectacles frames that are contrary to his/her face shape to get a balanced look. Both men and women have these common face shapes:

  • Oval-shaped faces: Oval-shaped faces have narrow chins and foreheads with wide cheekbones. Most spectacles frames complement this face shape on both men and women due to its symmetrical nature. Spectacles frames that balance out the facial features of oval-shaped faces are the square, rounded, wayfarer-shaped, and rectangular ones with wide and thick frame designs. These chasma frames give out a bold look and make the face look slimmer and elongated.

  • Heart-shaped faces: Men and women who have heart-shaped faces have broad foreheads and high cheekbones with narrow chins. To get a balanced look, men and women with this face shape can try the square, browline, round, and cat-eye spectacles. These glasses frames even out the narrow chins of heart-shaped faces.

  • Oblong-shaped faces: Oblong-shaped faces are long and narrow. For a balanced look, men and women with this face shape should go for chasma frames that are wider than width of the face. With this face shape, he/she can sport the round, square and rectangular spectacles frames to detract attention away from the length of the face.

  • Round-shaped faces: Round-shaped faces have the same width and length with curvy chins and cheekbones. To divert attention away from the rounded facial features, both men and women could go for specs that are angular in shape. Rectangular and square eyeglasses frames balance out round faces by making them look longer and slimmer.

  • Square-shaped faces: Men and women with square-shaped faces have strong jawlines and high cheekbones. This face shape has the same length and width across the face. Round, cat-eye, aviator-shaped, and browline chasma frames balance out the prominent facial features.

  • Diamond-shaped faces: Diamond-shaped faces have narrow chins and foreheads and wide cheekbones. Men and women with this face shape can opt for eyeglasses frames that draw attention to the foreheads and eyebrows. Cat-eye, browline, square, and oval spectacles frames best complement this face shape.