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Flying with super-light frames

All of us might have observed the marks caused by wearing eyeglasses. They are mainly because of the weight of the glasses and are indispensable if you wear your specs for long durations.

Now, with the help of state-of-the-art technologies, eyewear designers have specially crafted light weight frames for maximum comfort. These super light eyeglasses are designed to fit perfectly on your face without giving any sensation of eyeglasses on. Weighing at only a few grams, they really are ultra-light. From the house of premium brands like John Jacobs and Vincent Chase, the eyeglasses will suit both men and women.

Providing maximum reduction of weight

Shop online to get the best deals. Lenskart.com has an amazing range of world’s lightest eyeglasses. Some features of these eyeglasses are:

  • Consists of the basic frame designs.
  • Comes in classic colors like black, grey, blue etc.
  • Made with the finest materials to provide comfort.
  • These spectacles are highly-durable and flexible.
  • Available at affordable prices.

Get your light-weight eyeglasses

Feel like a bird with these world’s lightest eyeglasses collection. Wear them and forget about getting any marks on the bridge of your nose. Comfortable and easy-to-fit, login to Lenskart.com and order your pair of light frames today. 

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