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Change your colours, change your moves

What if you get three different eyeglasses at the price of one? Sounds unbelievable right? But Lenskart.com has introduced this amazing concept of switcher eyeglasses that makes it possible. You buy one pair, and get two other additional temples with it. It gets even better as the temples are all different colours. Now match your eyeglasses with your mood or your dress.

High on style and performance

The switcher eyeglasses have a distinct quality of providing different aesthetic styles at the price of one. Easy to handle, the temples can be changed on the go. Functionality-wise, you couldn’t get a better deal. With the temples available in a wide spectrum of colours, it is easy for a customer to match it with their outfits. John Jacobs, the premium eyewear brand has brought this novel idea of wearing glasses.

Lenskart.com and its amazing offers

Buying your switcher eyeglasses on Lenskart.com is a great idea. The amazing discounts and offers for its customers along with the other perks are enough to entice any smart shopper. Your pair, or rather should we say ‘pairs’, are waiting for its client. Better not be late!